Airships from the past

Since 1850, engineers and scientists to experiment on improvement of aircraft lighter than air - airships, which were filled with hydrogen or helium. This happened to a lot of failures and crashes. The most famous of them is the collapse of the "Hindenburg" in 1937. In the history of airships is widely used: they were used for military and research purposes. Unfortunately they have not found populyarnoct as passenger transport, but now they are widely used for the transport of cargo and for advertising purposes. Airship «Macon» hangar at Moffett Federal Airfield near Mountain View, California.

Airship «Macon» flies over Manhattan, Oct. 9, 1933.

German dirigible "Hindenburg" flies past a skyscraper Empire State Building in Manhattan on the way from Germany to Lakehurst, New Jersey, August 8, 1936.

Airship balloonist Thomas Scott Baldwin (Thomas Scott Baldwin) completes the flight over Portland, Oregon, in 1905.

The airship flies over the White House in Washington, DC, in 1906.

Baldwin airship in Hammondsport, New York, 1907. Thomas Scott Baldwin was the first American to make a parachute jump from an airship.

French military dirigible «Republique» sent to Chalais-Mendon from Muasona, 1907.

Zeppelin, August 4, 1908.

Clément-Bayard airship hangar in France, about 1908.

View airship "America" ​​from the board of the British mail ship RMS Trent, around 1910.

Ships, aircraft and airship (perhaps, «O-1" of the US Navy), about 1922.

The airship "Norge» (Norge) at Ekeberg, Norway, April 14, 1926.

German airship "Graf Zeppelin" in Lakehurst, NJ, August 29, 1929.

The airship "Graf Zeppelin" is reduced over Tokyo for landing at the airport at the time of Kasumigaura round the world flight, Aug. 19, 1929.

Airship «R33» Royal Navy, in October 1926.

Members of the British Parliament climb the ladder of the airship in Cardington, England, 1920.

A gust of strong wind from the Atlantic Ocean put on the nose of the US Navy dirigible "Los Angeles" in Lakehurst, NJ, in 1926. The airship went back to the original position, and none of the 25 crew members was injured.

Airship "Akron" over Washington, DC, in 1931.

The airship the US Navy prior to installing the gas compartments, around 1933.

The airship "Graf Zeppelin" on Jerusalem, April 26, 1931.

Mechanic rear propulsion nacelle intrudes replaced during the flight of the airship "Graf Zeppelin" from Europe to South America, August 1933.

Factory workers in the hangar German dirigible "Hindenburg" at the base in Lakehurst, NJ, May 9, 1936.

The airship "Hindenburg" flies over Manhattan, May 6, 1937. A few hours later he was to crash while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey.

The airship "Hindenburg" crashed on the basis of Lakehurst, NJ, May 6, 1937. Catastrophe "Hindenburg", which killed 36 people, put an end to the use of dirigibles as passenger transport.

Airship "Akron" produces training aircraft Consolidated N2Y-1 during flight tests at the base in Lakehurst, NJ, May 4, 1932.

The airship "Los Angeles" moored to the ship USS Patoka.

The rise of the wreckage of the airship "Akron" from the ocean floor off the coast of New Jersey, April 23, 1933. "Akron" crashed during a heavy storm. The disaster claimed the lives of 73 people.

Convoy United Nations should be to the destination during the Second World War. US Navy airship lookout for enemy submarines, in June 1943.

Military LEMV airship landing at the airbase Lakehurst, New Jersey, after making its first flight on August 7, 2012.

Young man photographing a high-tech airship "Aeroskraft" in the hangar during the Second World War in Tustin, California, January 24, 2013.



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