Airships Count Ferdinand (39 pics + text)

In the first third of the twentieth century were aeronautics enthusiasts all-nation heroes in the years they have conquered with equal ease air spaces and women's hearts. His success proved to be fearless pilots are required the German officer, to visit America during the American Civil War. It is extremely interested in balloons, which the enemy used for aerial reconnaissance. For the first time in his life he took to the air and fly over the Mississippi River is so subdued the man, that he forever linked his life to the aeronautics. Called a German officer Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (July 8, 1838 - March 8 1917). And since then, the word "airship" and "Zeppelin" have become synonymous.

During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871, Colonel Zeppelin had participated in the siege of Paris and saw the city rise sixty balloons, which take out the mail, military units and politicians.

Von Zeppelin believed that the huge airships would contribute to the military might of Germany. However, the project of the military use lighter-than-air, directed in 1887 by the Kaiser, was found frivolous.

Increasingly, in his diaries, drawings appeared unseen devices generated by his imagination. Increasingly in Berlin frown, getting more and more as it seemed ridiculous armada controlled searchlights creation of airships.


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