Environmentally friendly hybrid airships of the canadian company Solar Ship

Not so long ago the company Solar Ship has provided 3 aircraft with the same name, which take the form of hybrid airships. Recently, a very popular forgotten the construction of the airships, but this form of transport together with the undisputed advantages (harmlessness to the environment, etc.), there are many shortcomings. Main of them are: complex and expensive maintenance and low flying capabilities. Hybrid airships, more profitable and more cost-effective than their older brothers.

Hybrids Sоlar R use for lifting aerodynamic force of the wing unusual shape, which is similar to the scheme of "flying wing". To perform the takeoff and landing hybrid does not need support or ballast, fairly flat section from 50 to 200 depending on model and load. In areas for which the intended equipment (desert region, far North), no problems with the airfields. Airships are electric motors that are powered by onboard batteries, and photovoltaic panels that are on a rooftop that gives you the chance to greatly reduce carbon emissions.

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