How to build Ostankino tower

It's funny to watch seemingly "eternal" objects in the floor and built its infancy. But when it all starts to build! Very interesting report, with the technical details, based on historical photographs.

The tower, weighing over 32 tons, was built on a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation ring width of 9, 5 meters, 3 meters in diameter (circumscribed circle) of 74 meters. The decagonal concrete foundation tape with the help of hard reinforcement ring (it consists of 104 beams, each beam 24 wire with a diameter of 5 mm each) created by prestressing - each bundle is stretched by hydraulic jacks with a force of about 60 tons.

The foundation laid in the ground to a depth of 4, 65 meters. It is assumed that it will settle at 3-3, 5 centimeters. The stability of the tower is a six-time rollover reserve.

Reinforced concrete pillar of the entire structure is a thin-walled conical shell, resting ten concrete "legs" on the banquettes of the foundation. The diameter of the lower base of the shell - 60, 6 meters and at a height of 63 meters it is 18 meters. The upper part of concrete shaft, starting from a height of 321 meters, is a cylinder with an outer diameter of 8 to 1 meter. The thickness of the walls at the base of the tower - 500 millimeters.

In the center of the conical base to an independent foundation (concrete slab circular diameter of 12 meters and a thickness of 1 meter) glass reinforced concrete built 63 meters in height and a diameter of 7, 5 meters. In this cup are high-speed elevators, power cables, communication cables, mine with water and sewage risers and emergency steel staircase. At the ends of the glass based beams fifteen intermediate floor in between the glass and the conical base passes staircase. The construction of separate foundations for the two independent structures - tower and glass - allows you to send different pressure on the ground in their erratic rainfall.


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