Locked tour of the walls of the Kremlin, Moscow (21 photos)

The author writes: My girlfriend works at the Kremlin already the second year! And so, she managed to get on a tour of the closed walls of the Kremlin. Ordinary visitors in the Kremlin can not get there, the entrance to this tour - through Borovitskie gate, there height of the wall on the inside of the Kremlin's lowest - 0, 5 m, it is real for climbing stairs.

From the outside the Kremlin, even if there were steps, I think it would be highly unrealistic.

In total there are 20 towers of the Kremlin, 19 of them are located on the perimeter walls, and twenty Kutafiya - bridgehead, diverter from nearby Trinity Tower. As you can see, each tower has its original architectural appearance, its name and its history. The tour starts with Borovitskaya Tower! where the distance from the ground to the platform on the wall about 0.5 meters, open a door, a few steps and you are all on the wall. The wall thickness at different sites different from 1, 5 to 3 meters and of height, respectively. With us in the group were two guards, one opens the door, drgua us immediately closed. Nastrogo strictly not allowed to take a picture (there are so many cameras, different systems), but then apparently forgotten and we relaxed. Most towers have nothing but there are different plates, pipes and a pile of dust. But for example in Borovitskaya, Spassky and troytskoy premises are people. With a view of the tower Tainitski 1st Nameless Tower, 2nd nameless, the Petrine and Beklemishevskaya tower. Under the tower was dug a well and has done a secret passage to the Moscow River, in the event of a siege supply Kremlin water. From this tower got its name - Taynitskaya.

Here they Kremlin teeth!

A total of 1045 teeth walls - so say

Vodozvodnaya tower. Corner tower, built upstream Moskva River, at the mouth of the river Neglinnoy stood next to the courtyard noble boyars Sviblovo. Later, it installed the first water supply in Moscow, poured water into the top of the Kremlin gardens

Great Kremlin Palace is the inauguration of the president, as well as various important events, awards, medals, and much dr.Do Revolution Palace was the residence of the kings of the Moscow parade.

Archangel Cathedral was the burial place of Russian grand dukes and kings. First it buried Ivan Kalita. It also houses the tomb of the great Russian general, hero of the Battle of Kulikovo Dmitry Donskoy, Grand Prince Ivan III, Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible and his sons, as well as the first of the Romanov czars, etc. In the cathedral-crypt is located 46 tombs, in which 52 burial. < br />

View from the tower Tainitski the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

"Come in large numbers in the white-stone" - an expression of the past, when Moscow was really white stone. This is the remains of white stone Kremlin of Dmitry Donskoy

View of the Beklemishevskaya tower, as well as views of the large Moskvoretsky Bridge. Beklemishevskaya tower - it's because next to the courtyard Boyar Beklemisheva.

Intricate Imperial Tower in the form of stone tent on kubyshkoobraznyh poles set at the Kremlin wall. White stone details, peaked gables, round the corners of the pyramid and octagonal ball with a gilded weather vane make it look like attics of Russian fairy tales. In the old days in its place was a wooden turret, which, according to legend, Ivan the Terrible was watching all the events that took place on Red Square. It once hung a bell - Spassky alarm.

Spasskaya Tower has 10 floors. Carved white stone details of its upper tiers hit exceptional fine workmanship. Three floors of the tower occupied mechanisms Kremlin chimes. Glowing ruby ​​stars of the Kremlin made of a special three-layer ruby ​​glass, their skeleton is made of stainless steel and is designed for a maximum pressure of hurricane winds. All external parts that surround stars, gold-plated thickness of 50 microns. Kremlin stars are burning day and night, and by day they are covered more extensively than at night. Size star ruby ​​- 3 to 3 to 75 m, weight of 1 to 1, 5 tons. Despite the considerable weight, the stars thanks to a special bearing easily and smoothly rotate under the influence of even a small wind.

Watches were so close, they just huge! The diameter of the dial 6, 12 meters, height of digits 72-inch length clockwise-2, 97 meters, the length of the minute hand 3, 28 meters. Clock located on the seventh, eighth and ninth floors of the tower and consist of three separate units.

From this point remove the parade on May 9, it is still Frolovskaya Tower (now Spasskaya) Tower sentaskaya further seen, and behind it with a star Nicholas! C both sides Borovitskii hill washed river Neglinnaya (south-west) and the Moscow River (south side). From the Red Square at the beginning of the XVI century was dug trench width of 32 meters and a depth of about 12 meters.

In the foreground, the building of the Presidium of the Supreme Council, then the bells Ivan the Great Bell -nadpis under the dome, made in gold letters: "... the command of the Great Sovereign Tsar and Grand Duke Boris Fedorovich ... The bell still hanging bell (of 21 bell)

In every corner of the tower (where there is a companion guard), there is a small indentation with arkoy- there used to be a toilet for watching the military. This bending stone construction called flying buttresses.

GUM seen

Top view with Spassky. It has a front gate travel. In the seventeenth century the moat to the gate bridge was built on arches, 10 meters wide, 42 meters long. Spassky on the bridge was a brisk trade in books, engravings. Now only cobbles!

The passage was closed for the night studded with iron oak doors, the keys of which were in Kazan magistrates and descending bars

Memorial doski.S inner side wall inscription in Russian from the Red Square inscription in Latin, preserved since the construction


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