The Bolsheviks destroyed Moscow (32 photos)

In 1917 in Moscow were heavy fighting, the Bolsheviks fired the Kremlin and many central buildings, the streets were real battles, injured hundreds of people.
This collection contains photographs, by which to judge what happened in Moscow in the autumn of 1917.


October 29 (November 11) on the streets of the city were dug trenches and erected barricades and began a stubborn fight for the center of Moscow. Fierce fighting followed the Crimean and the stone bridge in the Ostozhenka, Prechistenka and other streets.

Barricade at the central office in Milyutinsky Lane


The barricade of carts and firewood from Filippovskaya bakery on Tverskaya Street. October 26, 1917 Filippovskaya bakery and cafe with her, were looted. Red Guards resisted themselves bakers, but the forces were unequal. As the "new owners" mirror shot showcases the company Pathe next door Bakhrushins, desecrated the chapel in the hotel "Lux", killed porcelain pharmacy stolen cigar store in the building near the bakery.


Barricade Company of helps salesmen Okhotny Ryad. Angle Leontief and Tver


Arbat Square


Trench at Great Moscow Hotel, Moscow University students dug


A photograph of the famous Russian and Soviet photographer - Peter Adol'fovich Otsup. The days of the October Revolution. View from Lubyanka passage through the area in the direction (from left to right): the house of the former monastery of Ryazan; the side walls of tenement houses Staheeva on Butcher and Lubyanskiy Travel; Temple Grebneskoy Mother of God and draw-fountain; Dome Trading house tea merchant Nekrasov in Lubyanskiy Travel; apartment house - the so-called "Shipovskaya fortress" on the spot where the monument "Solovetsky Stone».


& quot; ... Wednesday, November 1, tried to get into the office where my responsibility a lot of money and documents, but came back streets and alleys only to Lubyanka travel, to go further was impossible on Lubyanka Square were flying projectiles, shrapnel and bullets. Said cadets desperately to protect the building and the Kremlin phone post office and telegraph in the hands of the Bolsheviks. Come home to the music of shots. Above his head, and somewhere close, invisible, whistling bullets, bumping into the walls of houses, broken windows, rumbled across rooftops, wounded, killed and intimidated ordinary citizens as well - crows and pigeons. This journey was subjected to two searches, whether in possession of weapons ... & quot; N.P.Okunev, Moskvich Diary 1917-1920

The angle of Tverskaya Street and Okhotny after the fighting in 1917


The building of the Moscow City Duma after the shelling by the Bolsheviks in 1917





By 21 o'clock on October 29 the revolutionary troops occupied the central office and began shelling the hotel "Metropol." The artillery began shelling the anti-Bolshevik forces occupied regions, including the Kremlin. On Sparrow Hills the Kremlin shot 7th Ukrainian heavy artillery battalion. On Shvivoy (Vshivaya) Hill, where now is located high-rise building on Tinkers waterfront, it was equipped with two 48-line guns that fired on Small Nikolaev Palace and the Kremlin's Spassky Gate. Battery, to take a position at the Babia Góra National Park dam between the Crimean and the stone bridge has been tasked to bombard the Kremlin wall that extends to the arena, and make a dent at the Trinity gates. RMC guns were brought up to Nikolsky gate.

Hotel "Metropol", damaged fire in October 1917.


Frunze recalled that the soldiers gave him particular pleasure to shoot through the windows and facades of "Metropolis", watching the pieces and bricks fall down with a crash.



In 1917, during the storming of the Kremlin, the Bolsheviks projectile damaged the top of the tent. It was later restored by the architect IV Rylsky. Beklemishevskaya Tower - one of the few buildings of the Kremlin fortress, not subjected to a serious renovation.



Juncker on the protection of the Kremlin


Spassky tower with traces of damage by shells, watch too damaged shells hit in figure II


Nikolskaya tower after the Bolshevik shelling


& quot; ... half-broken Nikolskaya Tower and honored since 1812 for his sincerity by the explosion of the tower by the French, the image of St. Nicholas destroyed by shots without a trace ...


... The old gate very strong warped, broken and burned to the wretched species, and in the Kremlin, they say, the destruction of even worse. How is it spared him the Tatars, Poles and Frenchmen? Is it possible for us there is nothing sacred? It must be so. At least I heard some soldatishko walking on Butcher, orated, "that there is theirs Kremlin zhis something our tea more» ...


Just think, how could reach the Russian peasant with his mind! While destroying people's shrine, he destroys them all the same in order just to someone there to destroy, to deprive of life, and not to make havoc something sacred for centuries protected by his ancestors from the onslaught of strange and now destroyed his sacrilegious hand. & quot; N.P.Okunev, Moskvich Diary 1917-1920



Buha gun is fired at the Kremlin from somewhere in the Sparrow Hills. The man looked like a disguised military says dismissively:
- Shrapnel fire, you idiots! It is - fortunately, and that they unrolled all the Kremlin.
He spoke at length attentive listeners of the cases in which you must destroy people by shrapnel, and when should "act blasting».
- And they, doodles, rolled shrapnel at high gap! This aimless and stupid ...
Someone copes uncertainly:
- Maybe - so they deliberately fired to scare, not kill?
- This is why?
- Because humanity?
- Well, what do we have humanity, - a connoisseur of art objects safely murder ...
... Round, nasty hail of shrapnel bullets drummed on the iron roofs, falling on the pavement - the audience rush to collect their "memory" and crawling in the mud.
Some houses near the Kremlin walls of houses punctured by shells, and probably in those houses were lost tens of any innocent people. Shells were flying as meaningless as meaningless was this entire six-day process of carnage and destruction of Moscow.

«New Life», № 175, 8 (21) November 1917



After the shelling. Small Nicholas Palace


& quot; ... In the Kremlin, the shells hit the Assumption Cathedral in Miracles Monastery, the church of the Apostles 12, in the Petit Palais and in general must have hurt our Holy and gray Kremlin more than the lands from invasions. They write a lot of destruction, fires, shootings, but God is with them! Better to say at once that, in general, need to be worse - but I can not. Maybe these horrible pictures awaken the conscience of the rebel brother against brother, and will not bring the political struggle to the recurrence of such horror ... & quot; N.P.Okunev, Moskvich Diary 1917-1920


Howitzer near Krymsky Bridge during the bombardment of the Kremlin


Takes place in those days in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church urged the Kremlin not to artillery fire "in order to save expensive shrines throughout Russia, the destruction and desecration of which the Russian people, and no one will never forgive».

Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles


November 2, 1917, after learning of the bombing of the Kremlin, has resigned Commissar of Education Lunacharsky, saying that he can not come to terms with the destruction of the most important artistic treasures, "thousands of victims" fierce fight "to animal rage," powerlessness "to stop this horror". But Lenin said Lunacharsky: "How can you give such importance to one or another building, as if it might be good when it comes to opening the door to such a social system that is able to create beauty, infinitely superior to everything what could only dream of in last? "Then Lunacharsky took back his resignation.

Gates Synod office


Miracles Monastery




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