Rare vintage photo of Moscow

I bring to your attention a collection of interesting and very old photos.
They depict those corners of Moscow, who attended almost every one of us.
Some pictures over a hundred years, but we can still find them familiar to us the streets and buildings. And somewhere in the city has changed beyond recognition. View from the tower of St. Nicholas, 1935

Mushroom market on Vasilevsky descent, 1907-1908gg.
After 100 years of machine numbers EKX will pass here every 5 minutes.

Kremlin embankment, 1889.
I can not imagine this place without road rumble.

Moscow River bridge, 1898-1899gg
Fisherman's Wharf.

Red Square. The coronation of Nicholas II.
The future emperor gives the oath, reading it by heart, not a piece of paper.

Photos from the airship, 1896-1910gg.

1890, a shopping arcade on Red Square, GUM future.
They could not even imagine what range of products at triple stranded cost can then buy them grandchildren.

Trading Rows (GUM), 1905.
Future abode of such institutions as MontBlanc, Burberry, Hugo Boss, and others.

Railway department. Pavilion Bryansk factory Maltsova
Behind the 2nd Nameless Tower of the Kremlin, right behind the scenes - the Kremlin embankment, 1872.
Hut near the Kremlin wall :)

Kremlin embankment 1906-1907.
In winter, the river could go on the ice.

Irrigation car, 1913.
In front of the hotel "Metropol»

Ryad, 1928.
Where it says "meat", now located rooms of the hotel "Moscow»
From left to see "Metropol»

 - Hey, where are you?
 - On Red Square food
 - On what?
 - Tram ...

Construction of the hotel "Moscow", 1935.
Chief architect of Moscow brought Comrade Stalin for his signature facade future hotel.
Were asked to choose one of the options of the facade, divided into two parts: the left facade provided more prominent, rounded architectural elements; Right - more traditional.
Because Stalin was busy with other, more important things, he did not delve into the drawing and did not understand that the left side of the facade is different from the right. And signed on both versions of the facade.
About mistakes leader nobody dared to inform and facade of the hotel is now carried out in strict accordance with the drawing.

And here is the construction of the shopping center "Okhotny Ryad».

Lincoln at the petrol station at the Manege Square, 1933

Volleyball on Manezh Square, 1938

Lenin Library, 1930

Manezh Square, 1947
No foreigner and no fast food.

The hotel "Moscow", 1950

Night Moscow, 1955.
All normal people sleep at night :)

Illumination Guma (photo taken between 1930-1950gg)

Arbat Street, 1909 - 1912gg.
If the photographer turned the camera a bit, we would see the wall that will be called in honor of one of the greatest rock bands.

It also Arbat, only the barricades, 1905.

View of the Taganka in 1887-1905gg.

Bryansk Station 1902. (Future Kievka)

China Town. Dvor Moscow Insurance Company, 1903.
Interesting architecture of the building is very close to modern classics. It seems that this photo was taken recently and artificially aged. But it just seems like it :) fragment scanned photos stored in one of the Moscow museums.

2nd Dorogomilovskiy Lane, 1908.
Flooding. Advertisement "coffin". At the site of the building on the left, now is the shopping center "European»

Paveletsky station during a flood, 1908

Arbatets street. Krutitsy. 1912
Now it's Taganka district

Serpukhovskaya Zastava, 1913.
Now there is the shopping center "Yerevan Plaza»

That's because in those days looked Prospekt Mira in 1929.
(Street, of course, had a different name).

Rowing school on the Moscow River, 1937

I -6 aircraft on floats raised in the city center of Moscow-river, Crimean Quay, 1933.

One of the drilling rigs for soil testing in the construction of the subway - August 1932.

The first metro bridge, 1936-1937. Who is behind it on the horizon you can see the White House.

Subway train on the stretch of Smolensk, Kiev March 20, 1937, Metro Bridge.

Parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941

Borodino Bridge, 1941.

Anti-aircraft gunners at Borodino bridge, 1941

German Shooting, South Port, 1941

This does not salute! This air raid on Moscow 41-43g

The first metro bridge. The source reports that it is 1944. Is the end of the war there were a subway already?

1945. On the opposite shore after 60 years in full swing will go the construction of the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow - City».

House on the Sparrow Hills 1903. Stereofoto stored in the US Congress.
After 52 years there will be a high-rise building of Moscow State University.

And here is the very construction of the Moscow State University (51-52g). Is the relocation of tenants. New housing will be without exception.

Construction MSU 51-52g.

Construction of Moscow State University, 1953-1954g

The construction of the 2nd stage of the complex VSHV autumn 1952
The current VVC

7 main pavilion of VVC, 1953-1956gg

Construction MSU 53-54g

Pool "Moscow" in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, 1960.

Construction of the Ostankino television tower, 63-67g

Construction of the Ostankino television tower, 63-67g

Construction Khrushchev, 1960 the last millennium.
To speed up the process of installation of such houses were built of blocks.
In the photo we see the crane puts in the design position section where ready walls, floors, installed windows, made interior, imported furniture and resettled residents.



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