The new BMW 7-Series can drive into the garage without a driver

BMW 7-Series next year will become the world's first production car that will be able to Park without driver intervention. The BMW i3 already has the functions of automatic Parking as the car brands Volvo and Audi, but the new representative of the seventh series will be the first vehicle that will allow the driver not to be in the cabin during Parking. The owner will be enough to get out of the car and press the button on the key FOB. The system uses an array of sensors, which are literally covered with the body of a car.

The feature will be useful for those who have a very narrow garage and was afraid to scratch your car. From the garage, the car leaves also at the click of a button.

It is worth noting that the technology itself is not new. Ford is developing a similar system for self-Parking. However, BMW claims that her slopequest the first cars appear on the roads.

While the laws of most countries do not allow vehicles to move autonomously, without a driver behind the wheel. Most likely, the laws will not change until the start of sales of self-driving cars in 2016. However, this will not affect the use of samarkaya cars on site, adjacent to a private home, away from pedestrians and other road users.

In parallel Parking, the car still relies on the driver to be safe, but the completion of the maneuver he has everything he needs. The self-Parking system takes over steering function, gear shift, accelerator and brake.

On the open road the new car can move independently. Activated the cruise control automatically allows you to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, slow down or speed up as needed, and stick to the desired band. However, the driver needs to keep his hands on the steering wheel, otherwise the system will shut down in 10 seconds.

An updated satellite navigation system and entertainment system in the new generation supports management with gestures. For example, to accept or reject a call with a wave of the hand. Gestures also regulate the volume of the radio.

The manufacturer promises to start selling the new BMW 7-Series in 2016. The price of this car is yet to be announced.published



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