New art object a BMW in the center of Moscow

In the heart of Moscow, a new tourist attraction. The company BMW Group Russia has introduced a unique art object - M-Wall, made in the genre of space-light installation.
It is implemented at the largest advertising medium in the country - construction fence around the hotel "Russia". The exclusive right to advertise on this design is owned by News Outdoor.

This 3D-banner with the BMW cars of the legendary M-series is no exaggeration to become a true masterpiece of advertising art in the open air. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that when it is used in the creation of three-dimensional models of the BMW M series of original size: BMW M3 Coupe, BMW M5, BMW M6, BMW Z4M Coupe. Models made by We R.Signs of synthetic materials using the original machine parts BMW: decorative elements of the body, wheels and headlights that will effectively illuminate a banner in the dark. The weight of each model, fixed directly on a metal frame, underlying the entire structure is 200 kg. The slogan of the campaign: «BMW M. Power. Be the first to every day ».

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High status and importance of the project confirms its location. Art object placed near the Kremlin, on the construction fence around the hotel "Russia" from Moskvoretskaya waterfront. Its length is 400 meters, height - 15 m, the total area of ​​the building - 6,000 square meters. m. This is the largest original design in Europe, comparable in size to the Place Vendome in Paris, and much higher than the area of ​​the arena of the Roman Colosseum.

The concept of M-Wall, invented and developed members of BMW Group Russia, based on a creative combination of art and technology. It is based on the harmonious combination of the three components, the most important for the brand BMW: sports - car - culture. This concept was brought to life by advertising agency Interone Moscow under the leadership of Creative Director Michael Gerullisa with extensive international experience in the creative support of BMW and MINI brands in Germany, Korea and Russia.

Christian Kremer, President of BMW Group Russia: «New art project demonstrates once again that high prestige enjoyed by the BMW brand cars in Russia. The concept of M-Wall, fully reflects the style and philosophy of the brand, highlights the uniqueness of the BMW, it is the best show that our new cars are unsurpassed works of art that have arisen on the basis of the creative connection design and sculpture, drawing and painting ».

Placing art object of BMW building a fence around the hotel "Russia" will continue until the end of 2008.

It is worth noting that this is not the first experience of a BMW of this surface - in April, it has already passed a campaign BMW X5.

Interestingly, before the car is already suspended in the Mercedes. In the early autumn of this year in the capital's Domodedovo airport appeared non-standard advertising design, made for the company "DaimlerChrysler Automotive Russia" in the form of a car brand Mercedes-Benz, mounted on the ceiling.

And earlier this idea for an SUV Mercedes M class.

Model car company's made from expanded polystyrene We R.SIGNS on supporting steel space frame, which is securely attached to the wall of the building.

Styrofoam covered with a layer of two-component polymer, whereby the surface of the vehicle is no longer subject to devastating environmental effects. To maximize the identity of the dummy with this car model car painted enamel: the body - metallic tires - matt black.

Car window made of tinted acrylic glass.
The model also provides protection against doves wire needle (diameter of 0, 5 - 0, 8 mm and a height of 100 - 150 mm) in stainless steel, installed vertically on the ground of possible landings of birds.

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