All winners of the British Television Advertising Awards-2008

Awards for commercials, appearing on British television, or by British agencies and prodakshenami, this year awarded for the 32nd time.
h3> Since 1976 it BTAA determines the best work of the United Kingdom. Organizes Contest for-profit organization, which includes managers and owners of the British agencies and prodakshenov.

This year the jury, headed by creative partner, Saatchi & Saatchi London Paul Silburn, was represented by about a thousand commercials, former UK broadcast during the year. Creative efforts were appreciated - at the festival awarded 71 one award a diploma and 82 other finalists.

One of the interesting features of the British Television Advertising Awards - one roller can get up to 4 prizes of the same value, because it allows the system of nominations and categories. So, for example, the record for gold this year belongs roller Cake for Skoda - he won in the categories Vehicles, Best 30-60 Second Commercial, European and special categories John Webster Award. Thus 17 gold "arrows" divided between a total of 9 spots.

25 silver - took 2 campaigns and 15 movies, 5 of which were noted and gold. Bronze Award was just 28, and here, "repeats" much less - 2 campaigns and 20 rolls of them in one campaign, and 3 spots and one silver.

That is BTAA 2008 won only 39 of the 1,000 applicants clips.

Productions «Rattling Stick» took the award for best Panalux Award Productions years, and the famous post-production The Mill has been awarded BTAA Fellowship for "huge contribution to the industry." Also, the jury noted the contribution of the modern founders of TV advertising agency Mother - Robert Saville and Mark Waites.

Starting with this victory, "Gorilla" recognized "best commercials of the year" at the 32th ceremony of the British Television Advertising Awards, you can officially start the cycle wins gorilla at festivals this year.

Roller chocolate Cadbury, which is devoted even a separate article on Wikipedia, developed by the agency Fallon London, was recognized as the best TV commercial at BTAA Awards 2008. The head of the jury, he's creative partner, Saatchi & Saatchi Silburn Paul (Paul Silburn) commented on the decision by that "Gorilla" will be remembered as the first movie of pure positive "example of a simple pastime when the viewer can bring significant increases in sales».

In addition to "Best movie of the year» Cadbury's Gorilla also received two gold medals in the categories of «Confectionary & Snacks» and «Best 60-90 Second Commercial»

The agency also Fallon got another 9 gold medals - four for the movie Skoda Cake, three for Sony Bravia «Play Doh» (video interviews with the creators) and 2 for "the world's first monaural video» Sony Walkman «Music Pieces». Also, these two clips for Sony divided between one silver in the category Series.

Other "gold" works-winners, are worth noting - rollers creative boutique Mother London cosmetic Boots: «Here Come The Girls» (2 gold) and «Moment Of Truth» (+ silver in the category Retail). < br /> h3>

Roller by BBH London «Dangerous Liaisons» for Levi's jeans took the gold in the category Clothing and two silver for Best Over 90 second Commercial and "the best movie for cinemas, is also shown on television».

«Space» clip beer Carling, developed by the agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay - gold in the category of Al * oholic Drinks and two silver medals in the categories of Best 30-60 Second Commercial and Cinema Commercial Also Snown on TV.

Saatchi & Saatchi New York took the "International Gold» (International Gold) for his movie Tide Interview



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