Russian BMW not BMW?

A similar scandal in the Russian automobile industry has not happened, perhaps never. From Kaliningrad plant "Avtotor", specializing in the assembly of cars of the brand BMW, refused Russian representation of German brand after a number of clients presented him lawsuits.

Best BMW factory in the world - our Kaliningrad "Avtotor." The site of the plant in detail stating that "Evaluation of the quality of production is over 10,862 parameters." Keyword model 5 series E39 quality reached "the highest figure in enterprises BMW», a startup in 2004 of a new "five" E60, the plant provided wordly level and therefore "concern management has decided that all new foreign assembly projects will be tested on "Avtotor." Finally, in our country there are people, technology and the ability to surpass the foreigners and make the product a human, passing bestowing native consumer goods, surpassing the quality of the original. And all of this plant "Avtotor", the leader of the automobile industry, the locomotive industry standard of quality.

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Cheating was discovered gradually, but big. When inaccessible to the high quality of the collected "Avtotor" car turned a succession of warranty repairs, some customers wish to return the car the company collapsed and get the money. But dealers hid silently work orders confirming the warranty repairs and the Russian representation of the Bavarians explained that "OOO« BMW Russland Trading is not the seller (manufacturer, importer or authorized body) of your vehicle. We have no legal basis for considering your request to replace the vehicle or refund or hope for your understanding, respect, OOO «BMW Russland Trading», Filippov, a specialist in working with customer complaints. " That is, BMW does not have any relation to what men do in Kaliningrad and on what basis are they collected in BMW cars is unknown.

BMW customers do not suffer from excess of patience and paying for two, three, four, five million rubles counterfeit Kaliningrad, went to court and won their crushing. Representatives of the group onslaught kept the Germans at Konigsberg, expertly explained to the court, and the customers that they have nothing to do with these cars produced in Kaliningrad, do not have, and authorized organization they have in Russia is absent, but in the end repeated historical canvas and retreated from the field battle, offsetting losses to customers.

The list of claims to avtotorovskim BMW was incredibly extensive and includes everything what is in the car - on the pads of the exhaust system to the steering wedge and the need to overhaul the engine at a ridiculous run of 10 000 km. Marriage and components and assembly, made hands of domestic proletariat en masse surviving surveillance audit TUV and decorated with a certificate of quality ISO 9001: 2008. The site of the plant exudes pride: "Significant efforts and resources have been spent on upgrading the skills of leaders and workers. Several leading auditors of the quality of the plant have been trained in Germany at plants BMW. The certificate of conformity to international quality standard ISO 9002 "Avtotor" received by «TUV Management Service» in February 2001 and was the first machine-building enterprises of Russia having such a certificate ».

It turned out that not horse feed. Many securities and the quality of domestic, familiar ... AVTOVAZovskoe. Even the list of issues in common. On the "Kalina" electric power steering wedge Korean company «Mando», go crazy on the BMW power steering of all possible European producers, which are difficult to calculate, but, for example, on the model of the X3 has happened is the sixth replacement supplier.

It turns out that the system worked obtain certificates, and ensure the quality of the workers still can not. Shortage of personnel, poor training, and the question "What should I do?", Transformed in "How to take decent shots?»

And here came on AvtoVAZ clever Bo Andersen, who began with the inevitable layoffs. He knows that in his new assignment quite 15,000 workers instead of the current 80 000 people. Layoffs have already been announced, and the first tranche of the gate sent 7500 people, including 5000 - the same proletariat. In the native AvtoVAZ are superfluous, useless, useless and dangerous to manufacture. But once on the outskirts they become experienced, skilled and responsible, useful work. The role of exile in Russia is historically a matter of respect. Kick ass and raises the status of dorisovyvaet a halo of a martyr or a hero image, hlebnuvshie injustice and not received his due. In general, like in our country, the poor, thrown out of the fence and wander in search of a better life. Where are dismissed to go? Especially since this is the first tranche, and soon with AVTOVAZ will throw up a few tens of thousands comparable to the level of experts. Expected revealed that the aura of high qualification, and suitability to the case of a good skill, ie in the tale of the great martyr, in this country still believe.

Ramzan Kadyrov called these people into his Chechnya. Even hard to imagine their reaction. Perhaps, after this invitation seriously want to respond to venture Dmitry Medvedev on the development of the Far East.

And then received an invitation from the "Avtotor." Director Alexander Sorokin appealed to exiles and disenfranchised through the newspaper and gently outlined the future prospects of 15 factories producing parts and labor settlement for 50 000 people.

If losing BMW courts have already been forgotten in the past, or Tolyatti quality was not of systematic and random nature and the country would not have known about equality between BMW and "Lada", inviting the workers to needless AVTOVAZ Europeanized "Avtotor" would cause confusion, turning into a quiet panic. After all, the people in whose hands turn solid "Lada", can not be allowed to present BMW. The gulf between the brand around, including the most important parameter - quality. And call the poor in a decent place only in secret, hiding the fact, strongly fighting with leaks to the press.

But for the inhabitants BMW is still a symbol of quality, "Avtotor" worthy of support certificates, as representative of the company - an honest partner of the consumer. The reality annulled all three stereotype. BMW in the quality has dropped to the level of "Lada", "Avtotor" has no relation to the Bavarian concern and making counterfeit machines, representative office in Russia does not, and the customer is despised, derived from the application of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and prevented seamlessly use BMW cars without the support of the court. So nothing surprising in the invitation to Kaliningrad Togliatti no. Former vazovtsam on "Avtotor" the place. Priceless footage logically will join the team, will be in his familiar environment and will continue to matter.

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