BMW is developing a public car on hydrogen fuel cells

Electric vehicles that use batteries as the main power supply, are now in the spotlight. Rampant interest in these vehicles, however, does not negate the fact that as an alternative to fossil fuels, and considered other options for vehicle construction. During the "Innovation Day", which was held in France, BMW, the popular German automaker, introduced its new prototype of the GT Series 5, According to engadget . A distinctive feature of the new product ideas BMW engineers is the use of hydrogen as a main element of the supply motor car.

Similar experiments were carried out in mechanical engineering in the past, for example, Hybrid Vehicles Hydrogen 7 , which could be used as liquid hydrogen, and the classic internal combustion engine . Unlike his predecessors, who on hydrogen fuel could not drive more than 200 kilometers, the new modified BMW fifth series has a cruising range of 480 kilometers, and the engine at 245 horsepower allows not simply drag along like a turtle, and to participate in drag racing. < br />
BMW is trying to keep up with the automaker Toyota, which has already created a hybrid car Mirai cost $ 57,000, and develops its own production in this area . It is expected that the production of such vehicles on an industrial scale will begin in 2020. The prospect is not close, but BMW hopes to be able to create a product that will combine the hydrogen fuel cells, and электрическую system Edrive . But some develop a vehicle on alternative fuel can replace petrol cars. Construction of affordable, widespread network of hydrogen stations - a difficult task, but BMW and other automakers seek to exploit all available opportunities.

The event, dedicated to the research and development activities, BMW's engineers have demonstrated their new system of water injection for the first series hatchback. Water is supplied in the form of a spray in the intake manifold pressure chamber, which reduces the combustion temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. This reduces the amount of fuel to enter at high loads, increasing engine efficiency. The technology has already been tested in the BMW M4, but it is necessary to understand the following: between the M4 and the "first series" have serious differences.

BMW M4. «Safety Car MotoGP» i>

M4 - the official vehicle of the security MotoGP (and the corresponding requirements for it) and the diversion of water it is made from a special five-liter tank. Series 1, meanwhile, do not have a separate tank for refilling: for the engine will be used by the condensate produced by the air conditioning system inside the car. In general, this system is designed for injection turbocharged cars, but BMW claims that it can be modified and used in the future in all vehicles in order to increase the engine power and reduce fuel consumption.



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