15 supercase when luck was clearly on their side. These people must have been born under a lucky star!

About those who always carries around, people say that they were born under a lucky star. We will not prevaricate, there are people in the world-catastrophe - this poor guy, and who attract trouble, bad luck and problems. Such Andrei Mironov in his famous song, sang that they were born exactly on Monday. But living on the land and are lucky that mystical, magical, fantastic, cosmic way possible to avoid trouble. Today has prepared for you a good selection of unique when really lucky. These people were born, probably, not like in a shirt, vest and so supportive of him heaven. Note the luck can in different ways: someone just had luck with a bonus in the package, and in fact someone miraculously survived! See more on how lucky some time fortune smiled on all 32.

Two in a pack of gum instead of one.


The benefit of all producers considered, even that.


Two additional cheese sticks for good behavior.


In a box of multi-colored zheleek caught all the same color.


Well, that suffered only shoes.


Super bonus from the manufacturer.

Today, exactly his day!


These keys are probably guarded by a higher power.


The most well-aimed hit the target.


three cookies instead of one - forget about the diet!


Guardian Angel was somewhere close.


These guys definitely caught God by the beard.


Driver, who caught the bird of happiness.


Well that ends well ...


It's not exactly a black cat crossing the road.


And this is a great videopodobrka what is really lucky. Look, as happens in this world! B>

Yes, these people just protect some magical powers. Specific emotions cause pictures where drivers miraculously survived - this is called lucky square! Surely you or your friends, too, there were occasions when luck was clearly on your side. Share your experiences in the comments, our team is very curious.

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