Plateya that you just would never put on his own wedding!

Wedding - is an important day for every person, preparation for which generally lasts a very long time. Newlyweds want to see that day everything went perfectly, so the planning and development of every detail of all takes a lot of time and effort. But as a result they get is a holiday, which always dreamed of. Apparently, the people in these photos were other problems, and they had no time to get serious about the choice of wedding dress.

«To have a good sitting in the figure? What for? The dress in which she married my mother, too, has come! Or you can make something improvised ». I> I guess these thoughts raced through the minds of some of the heroes of this Photo Selections.

4. Patriotism does not happen much! B>

7. Bride as supports for cakes. B>

Each person has their own views on what should be a wedding dress. In these 15 cases, the concept of people that looks like the perfect bride, sharply at odds with the generally accepted. Some of them just wanted to change clothes! Share these hilarious shots with your friends!

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