How to get ready for work ..

The most important thing - it is the time of awakening. No, no alarm clock, but from
call. What? How is it you have to leave? I? I've been stood up. Yes I Am. Yup. Seven
minutes? No problem, go down already!

Next - the most interesting. Fly off the bed. In a panic, look around the room
for the presence of garments. Find a dress, which was yesterday.
Grab a dress, run out into the corridor. Throw a dress because I do not
wearing tights. Back to the room for tights. To wear pantyhose.
Find socks. Remember that not wearing a dress. To run out into the corridor.
Run into the kitchen - coffee supply. Find on a chair in the hallway dress and
socks. Dress socks. Run into the room, frantically folded notebook.
Lose the phone. Pull off the paper, which took home - work (well,
or views do) into one pile. Find phone. Realizing that still
not wearing a dress. To run out into the corridor and find that wearing different
socks. Grab a dress and drag it into the tub. Look at the socks,
remove one. Back into the room and grab the paper, pull them in
corridor. Decide to make up eyelashes. Stand with a brush in the mirror.
Remember that it is not washed. Jump into the bath. Squeeze out the paste on
brush. Found myself standing in one sock. Throw a second look.
Spit and get back into the tub. Make an attempt to brush your teeth brush for
eyelashes, and which dragged in hand. Scrape ink from the teeth. Seen in
laundry basket sock, twin to the one on the leg. Grab it and
some time to think what to do. Remember the coffee and throw
the kitchen, splashing all toothpaste. Detect that the coffee is not yet
ready. Lose toothbrush. Back to the bath. Catch of shell
brush for eyelashes. Picked up a toothbrush. Clean teeth. Take
brush for eyelashes in place. Remember that there is still no dress. Rush
look for a dress and find the third toe. Same as on the foot. Throw one,
which is in hand, grab found. See dress, dress him frantically.
Realizing that not wearing a bra. Remove the dress, look for a bra. Not
finding, see the abandoned sock. Compare it with the fact that in his hand. Remove
sock with his feet and put two found. Rush into the corridor and dress boots.
Remember the dress and bra. Back to the room to find and put
bra. Run into the kitchen to find there phone. Happily scream and
dash dressing gown. Catch svorochennuyu coffee, see the brush
for eyelashes and mascara are not closed. Start painting the eye. Caught on -
dress! Rush into the room, put on a dress. To steal a laptop and documents in
one pile. Back to the mirror dokrasit second eye. Breathe and
dress to dress, put on inside out. Throw a jacket and ran to
elevator. Back at his laptop and documents, drag them to the elevator.
Back off the water in the bath. Lose the keys. Drop the phone,
lose it. Find the keys on the floor. Find the phone on the floor. Grab
biscuits and rush to the elevator. Return to close flat. Nervously
jump in the elevator. Run out of the elevator, drop documents. Put
laptop on the floor, to collect the documents. Pechenyushkoy choke, throw on
street. Cough, to return to the notebook. Ran out of the house,
getting tangled in the jacket sleeves and holding documents. Finished chewing biscuits.
See the car, run to it. Climbing into the car, painful bump

And will continue to hysterical laughter and just sleep in the workplace. A
home will peacefully dokipat coffee. Girl, why do you have on the cheek payment system
imprinted? Turn up, I love this song! Just yesterday we had all
pass? ..
In general, it's my life ... oh-oh-oh ... it's my life ... oh-oh-oh ...


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