unusual phenomena on Lake Baikal

Rescuers working at the lake, told about the unusual phenomena

Employees of the Baikal search and rescue team (BPSO) work not only on the Great Lakes. They occur wherever needed sports training, skills climber, diver, rafters. Each rescuer should be able to climb the rocks and sink to the depths, to be ready to debilitating mountain passes.

Many times employees BPSO during rescue operations faced reckless behavior not only beginners, but also instructors of high category, and in fact in many extreme situations go wrong - it means endangering the lives of their comrades. In addition to inadequate human behavior and rescuers faced with amazing, inexplicable phenomena that people presents Baikal.

His story about the terrible events that happen from time to time in the mountains of the region, Victor Gulevich, head of search and rescue services BPSO EMERCOM of Russia started to peak Munch-Sardyk. "A place where always something happens" - so expert described the mountain.

- The season opens in May, hundreds of people make the ascent, - says Victor Gulevich. - Someone is prepared to march, while others do not have a clue on how to behave in the mountains.

The saddest thing is that many people do not realize what a serious and dangerous event. Tourists are children by the hand, most absolutely not equipped, considering that the way up the hill - this is nonsense.

- The peak Munch-Sardyk - is the highest point of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, its height 3491 meters, - the expert continues. - Those who are not mad, are at an altitude of 2700 meters, there is a lake and a post with the rescuers. 2700 meters for the unprepared person is already a good result, but a lot of it do not stop. The man had served a year in office, and then decide to run up the mountain with friends. He did not train his muscles are weak, so the approach to the top people often become ill.

By the standards of mountaineering Munch-Sardyk has a level 1b. It is categorized mountain, and before her climb, you have to be trained to know how to deal with an ice pick, going to the ligaments, wearing a cat. Few explorers of mountains it is able. Preapical site Munch-Sardyk very badly damaged. Rescuers cables hung out there, which can be grasped when climbing. But this plot is quite loose. If front of you someone is on top showered stones. A couple of years ago at the site predvershinnoy stone hit the girl in the chest. Rescuers tried to resuscitate the unfortunate, but could not do chest compressions - chest was breached. The girl died.

Fatal error instructors

As mentioned above, in a mountain hike life of its members it depends on the decisions of the heads of the group, which, despite the experience can ruin their wards. Indicative in this respect the history that took place in the 90s in the Khamar-Daban. Just-formed squad BPSO had to take out a range of six dead.

- It was the end of August, in the mountains, this period may already snow fall - says Victor Gulevich. - The group was above the forest. At this time a heavy rain, people froze. Despite this, they continued to go to meet the deadline, and at the appointed time to meet with the second group. After a while, people began to wet thoroughly put up tents to keep warm, but do it outside the forest, the piercing wind was pretty difficult. Of the five people he escaped only girl. She went to the border of the forest fire spread there, got warmer. Then he went to the river of the Snows, where she was picked up.

All the girls were killed comrades. Schoolgirl then told me that before his death, a group of the scope of this madness - one of the guys hitting his head on the rocks, behaved inappropriately and head. - Signs of severe hypothermia sometimes look like madness - say the rescuers. - The bodies were scattered at a distance from each other. Someone has to warm up, I tried to hide cellophane, chairwoman of one of the boys was holding in her arms - apparently trying to warm up.

- In the mountains, where a critical situation arises immediately, experience can play a cruel joke - continues Victor Gulevich. - Whether you are the most experienced professor tourist soup, as soon as you begin to do something wrong, the mountain does not forgive a mistake. For example, Honored Master of Sports in mountaineering, seven times before in the Eastern Sayan Mountains, was killed in an avalanche coming down from the pass. Stepping on the snow field on which to advance in any case impossible. With his experience, he could not fail to know. Avalanche was not too big - about 100 cubic meters. Man, that was a master, broke stones, and the master of the temple hit a rock and died.

Last fall, the rescuers had to be evacuated from the Eastern Sayan body of a man who went there in sneakers. - In the mountains two weather - either blowing or blowing very strongly. At night, a cold, or very cold, - explains Vyacheslav lifeguard First Class Lawrence. - The beginning of the snow, and mountain-hikers froze. They had poor equipment, the tourists do not know how to tie knots. These points should take into account the instructor, but for some reason he was not interested in the level of training of people for whom was responsible. During the ascent need to make difficult transition around the rock. One person from the group and tied with a rope stuck, hanging on a cliff. And he made the wrong node, the node type Lynch, where the longer you hang, the more you peredavlivaet. People were frozen, fell into a stupor and could not help someone. When rescuers arrived to the place, people have already died of hypothermia.

Underwater wonders

- Baikal - is quite specific place. It is called the Baikal Grubb. The last word in German means "grave" - ​​continues to Viktor Gulevich. - Beaches at odds, and the bottom drops. We know that the maximum depth of the Great Lakes 1642 meters, between the actual distance to the bottom of 12 km, the entire thickness of the sediments filled. Of course, there arise geomagnetic disturbances, which in sensitive people somehow influence.

Sam Victor Gulevich went around the Baikal and even went on one of the most mysterious areas of the great lakes - Cape Rytom. And in all the years of his service with unexplained events faced. Anomaly rescuer was able to observe during the holidays. Late in the evening with his wife, he witnessed the following events: from the mountains flew luminous ball, like a huge star. Object moved absolutely silently, then got out the beam towards the ground. Soon after the UFO disappeared. In the helicopter that was unlikely, and could not be in this place at night helicopter. One of the most interesting events, rather surprised rescuers search and rescue team occurred during the cleaning of the lake from the sunken vehicles.

- The Small Sea Strait, where the best fishing spots, especially a lot of them - says Victor Gulevich. - We raised a lot of old cars, intricate networks. And then found a GAZ-66, there was a woman inside, the body was well preserved. Locals warned us that there drowned shaman, which is better not to take. But rescuers have decided to pursue the case.

- Whether the cabin was firmly closed, that there will not hit epishura (crustaceans orderlies Baikal. - Comm. Aut.), Or for some other reason, inexplicable from a rational point of view, the body of the shaman remains intact. But when we took him out of the water, it began to crumble before our eyes. In addition, after a short time I ran a strong hurricane. So now we know that if they say "do not touch", to better listen to these words.

Rescuers have learned long ago, that we should not only listen to the words of people, but also to get accustomed to the signs, from time to time sends the Great Lakes.

- Once on the Baikal sank two UAZ - says Anton Reshetnikov, engineer information-analytical service BPSO. - Operations on their recovery led by Valery Cherny, a teacher at the diving training. Rescuers have cut the lane, started to conduct the search, and suddenly there was an earthquake, as a result of which becomes the crack passed right next to the place where it was laid out gear. More descents in the day decided not to pursue. When divers took to the ice the next day, another earthquake happened. The boys thought that Baikal does not want to give up what he took, the machine has been decided not to raise. The next story rescuers other than a miracle is not called. In 2006, the Baikal overturned boat "Squid", killed five people, only one passenger survived. In the wet clothes on the boat upside down, he spent the whole night while the storm raged on Baikal and stood freezing temperatures November.

- The man was southern blood and, frankly, could not boast of body fat - says Anton Reshetnikov. - When he was torn away from the bottom of the boat to which it froze, he moved on his feet. It is frost-bitten, but was alive and conscious. I can not call it a miracle. The man himself explained his salvation: "I prayed all the time».

Witness another absolutely amazing event that took place a few days ago, was the lifeguard Viacheslav Lavrentyev, sailing. - The race is over, and three yacht without sails on Lake Baikal were home. We had dinner in the evening and saw the lake began to glow. The impression was that the water lit a huge light. Under the rules, that nothing prevented the race, all the cell phones we add in one box, so do not have time to withdraw. Unfortunately, we only have anecdotal evidence of members of the three crews. Farah is not just a light, she moved and then disappeared behind the mountain.

Xenia Ryutin, "CM number one." Photo by Ilya Zakablukovskogo Anton Reshetnikov, "We conducted an experiment in a special suit warmth person can survive in water of Lake Baikal a maximum of 40 minutes. So the case of the boat, "Kalmar" defies logical explanation ».




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