I never would have thought that all that exists on Earth. Just incredible!

Unusual natural phenomena do not cease to amaze me. It's hard to believe that such phenomena we have on Earth, and not on another planet ...

green sunsets and sunrises

This is a rare photo is an illustration of the phenomenon, which appears for a few seconds during sunset and sunrise. The conditions for this have to be perfect to light refracted in the atmosphere and the sun painted in green light.

The gates of hell, Turkmenistan

From the crater Darwaza, also known as the "gateway to hell" on the Earth's surface receives gas. Bright fire burning since 1971, the date when it was lit. This fire burned in Iraq for 4,000 years, which is even mentioned in the Old Testament.

Volcanic storm

This phenomenon of nature like ordinary thunderstorm, accompanied by volcanic eruptions. It sounds intimidating, but it's a stunner.

Round Mountain, New Zealand

«Moeraki Boulders» - huge round rock fragments, which can be seen on the banks of Koekohe. First stone give this form of sand under the water and then, after 60 million years due to corrosion of the soil stones were born.

Eternal storm Venezuela

At the mouth of the river Catatumbo in Venezuela, one can observe a rare cluster of thunderstorm clouds that form the phenomenon of Catatumbo thunderstorm. There thunderstorms and lightning, you can enjoy about 180 nights a year, 10 hours a day.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Huge underwater holes were formed during the ice age, when sea levels were much lower than the current, and the sea bottom has been exposed to the elements. The huge hole appeared through erosion, but growth stopped after filling the hole with water.

Steam Tower, Iceland

The area around Hvevira extremely active. Ghost Tower of steam rise from the hot gullies in the marshes and on the ground. In conjunction with the northern lights all this looks like an alien planet landscape.

Ice Caves

Ice Caves - the structures that are formed on the edges of the ice under the influence of water. The cave is washed with water. A thick layer of multi-year ice contains too little air and no light does not pass, but the blue, so that the ice takes on a unique tone.

Basalt columns

These columns are so perfect that one can hardly believe that they were not the work of man. Millions of years ago, then it was flooded by lava, which eventually cooled off and started to break away, so today we can witness this exciting event.

Fire rainbow

Fire rainbow can be seen when the light is reflected in the ice crystals in the clouds at high altitude. This phenomenon can be so extensive that often extends all along the horizon.

Endless Wave

Pororoka - a wave that runs along the shores of the Amazon for 800 kilometers. Usually it is the height of 3 to 4 meters. The longest wave of the world comes twice a year, in February or March, when the tides of the Atlantic Ocean reaches the mouth of the Amazon. Brazilian surfer set a record by riding his board in 37 minutes 13 kilometers.

The migration of butterflies, the United States and Mexico

Usually beautiful monarch butterfly, black and orange creatures but when they begin to migrate, in the sky begin to work miracles. When the temperature starts to fall in October, the monarchs sent in their journey to Mexico. They have to overcome about 4000 kilometers. Butterflies can cover a whole layer of trees during his travels.

Mother of pearl clouds, Arctic

These unique clouds are very rare, as usually not enough moisture in the stratosphere to form clouds. But during extremely cold winters accumulate enough moisture, so that clouds can form at an altitude of about 20 km.

The course of sardines, South Africa

Sardines make his move every year from May to July. Billions of fish from cold water swim from the Cape Cape Point to the east coast of South Africa. Shoals of fish are so huge that they can be seen from the satellite. Frequent shoals length of 8 km and a width of one and a half kilometers and a depth of 30 meters.

Blooming Desert, Chile

Every second year blooms Atacama Desert. A great transformation can be seen after heavy rains, the seeds of plants that evoke deep beneath the sand.

Lenticular clouds over the mountains

Clouds are formed in such a form of humid air in the mountains. Because of their shape, they are often confused with UFOs.

The migration of crabs Christmas Island

In October and November, crab, live on Christmas Island, begin their journey to the ocean for mating. Approximately 18 days on the island stops the movement of cars, because all the streets are covered with a carpet of red crabs.

Spotted Lake Spotted Lake, Canada

When the water rises in the lake, which is located near the Canadian town of wasp (British Columbia), the minerals form a bizarre circular shape and the lake looks absolutely incredible. In each round of a color that depends on the amount of minerals in the lake.

Underwater circles, Japan

These are strange shapes on the bottom of the sea, not in the fields. They are about 2 meters wide and cover the bottom of the Sea of ​​Japan. Each circle has its own form. Until recently it was unknown cause of these circles, but, surprisingly, turned around to blame puffer fish. Males Puffer, despite its size (no more than 13 cm), draw the following fields to attract females.

Frozen methane bubbles

Methane bubbles result from the decomposition of different organisms at the bottom of the pond. Methane rises up and freezes below the surface. However, do not play with matches, if you opened a bubble.

fairy ring, Namibia

Fairy ring called patches on sandy soil, which appear in the pastures of Africa. If you fly from Angola to South Africa, you can watch thousands of such spots with a diameter of 9 meters. Scientists believe that this fault termites living under ptyanami and eats plant roots.

Fields from the web

"Yes, it's web. Yes, a lot of it. Such fields arise, for example, in Australia during the migration of spiders. Typically, these fields are generated when a spider trying to hide from the tide.

Fluorescent wave Vaad, Maldives

Glitter waves gives the phytoplankton that glows in the dark. Milky Way along the beach simply incomparable.

Vymeobraznye clouds

These clouds are formed under normal clouds. This rare phenomenon is a result of the mixing of air and clouds with different humidity, heavy clouds hang over a lighter.

Underwater River

Such underwater in a river Cenote Anhelita occur when a heavy weight (e.g., hydrogen sulfide) penetrates into the water, it sinks to the bottom and is converted into a single river.

Salt Lake

Some lakes are so salty that the animals in the water, covered with a layer of lime, frozen and turned to stone.

wavy-hilly clouds

Undulatus asperatus (wavy-hilly clouds) are so rare that they are able to classify only in 2009. We know a little something about them, in fact, that they fascinate.

Fire Falls Horsetail Fall

Horsetail Fall - a seasonal waterfall on Carew Mountain El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. A fiery waterfall - a very rare phenomenon that can be seen only a few days in February, when the temperature and weather are suitable for this phenomenon. The sun reflected in the water and get such a glowing orange effect.

Rainbow eucalyptus, Hawaii

Rainbow eucalyptus have its own special color, they like the artist painted in different colors: green, orange, purple, blue, brown. In fact, the reason is simple: the tree loses its bark at different times of the year. Free from the bark of the age differently, causing raznotsvete.

Striped icebergs, Antarctica

Beautiful blue stripes on the icebergs occurs when a crack in the iceberg filled with water and it is time to freeze without forming bubbles. Wrist band made up of algae that stick to an iceberg in the water. Brown, yellow and black stripes - it's different kinds of deposits, "captured" an iceberg on its way.

Snowy colors, Arctic

These unusual flower fields are formed on a thin layer of ice on the sea when the air in the atmosphere is much colder than the ice to the sea. The interaction of a warm and moist air from the cold that's got such beautiful crystals.

Snow chimneys, Arctic

Moffett called vents through which the surface of the steam comes out of the volcano. Once the steam leaves the muzzle, it freezes, and is formed in such a massive pipe around the vents.

A glowing pillars, Russia

These columns can be enjoyed in extremely cold regions of Russia. They are of natural origin, formed in the light of the moon or the sun. Light reflected from a very flat and smooth ice crystals.

Sailing stones, Death Valley, USA

These stones weighing up to 350 kg of dry desert move without human or animal. Only recently we have found an explanation for this phenomenon. During the winter, surrounded by a layer of ice stones, and when the soil is wet, stones begin to slip and leave impressive footprints.

Heavenly hole

Heavenly hole - a big hole in the middle of clouds. They are formed when the ice crystals in the clouds begin to melt.


Supercell - the rarest and most dangerous of thunderstorms. They are born as ordinary storm, but because of the vertical rotation of the rising air flow supercell can "live" much longer.

Maelstrom Maelstrom

These giant whirlpools arise when two ocean currents. The current is so strong that can drown small boats, not to mention the swimmers. The biggest maelstrom called «Saltstraumen» and is located off the coast of Norway.

Ice hair

This strange ice is soft and, as the name implies, looks like the hair that grows from the plant. The bacterium «Pseudomonas syringae» is the cause of this rare phenomenon. It increases the freezing point of water inside the plant and when the water leaves the plant and meets the cold air, there are icy hair.

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