Head-on collision of passenger trains in Belgium

February 15 near Brussels, Belgium, two passenger trains collided head-on.
As a result of the accident, according to various estimates, have died from ten to 27 people, injured dozens.



Rescuers and police are working on the site of a collision between two passenger trains in Halle. (AP Photo / Geert Vanden Wijngaert)


According to the testimony of one of the passengers, the collision was very strong, as the train in which he was, even before the collision did not make emergency braking. (AP Photo / Geert Vanden Wijngaert)


As stated by the governor of the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant Lodewijk De Witte, the collision was due to the fact that one of the trains traveling from Leuven, drove a red traffic light. The second train involved in the incident, he said, has complied with all rules of the road, but it was delayed by 10 minutes. (AP Photo / Yves Logghe)


According to the company, the railway network operator Infrabel, in the accident killed 27 people, another 30 were injured. (REUTERS / Yves Herman)


Rescuers continue to work on the recovery of the victims were trapped in the mangled carriages. (REUTERS / Yves Herman)


The Russian embassy is not aware of Russian citizens killed or affected by the collision of trains in Belgium. Local authorities have also not provide information on foreigners, injured in an accident on the railway. (REUTERS / Thierry Roge)


The accident was completely blocked rail link between Brussels and Tournai, Brussels and Mons. (REUTERS / Thierry Roge)


Rescuers carry the injured from the accident site. (REUTERS / Thierry Roge)


Railway traffic between Brussels and France, as well as the movement of high-speed Eurostar trains between Brussels and London due to the collision is suspended for the day. (REUTERS / Yves Herman)


It is expected that at the crash site on Monday will arrive Belgian King Albert II and Prime Minister Yves Leterme, who urgently interrupts visit to Kosovo. (REUTERS / Yves Herman)


According to one of the witnesses of the tragedy, "the cars overturned, many people in shock».


A man carries a child from the accident on the railway near Brussels. (REUTERS / Thierry Roge)


Medic leads the victim to the scene of the accident. (REUTERS / Yves Herman)


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