The very famous and big city there lived an old king, a widower. The king had a daughter, the bride. The princess was famous far and face and mind, and so many very good people want to marry off her. Among these were the suitors and the princes, the governors, and guests shopping ...

Princess set a date when they can come to her suitors, and say out loud at her and for all that one hopes to give his wife. Grooms awaiting this very day, and each considered himself better than all others ...
On the appointed day, all dressed better and grooms gathered in the chamber to the king. Nobody has started ahead Prince ancient family, followed by a servant carrying a heavy red book.
Prince said:
- Princess, my family is very notable. In this book, inscribed over a hundred generations ...
And the prince for a long time reading in his book, but in the end said:
- And in this book I'll aim my wife! Will she walk in my chambers, and all around are the images of ancestors is very famous.
- Princess - said the eminent governor - a neighborhood loud and scared my name. Calm is the life of my wife, and bowed to her people - threatening them my name.
- Princess - said filled treasure shopping overseas guest - pearls zasyplyu my wife; She goes on emerald field and sweet alone fall asleep on a golden bed.
- What did you bring your wife? - I asked the king of the singer.
- Faith in yourself, - said the singer. He smiled, looked at each other suitors, in amazement raised his eyes the old king and the princess asked:
- Tell me, how to understand your faith in yourself?
The singer replied:
- Princess! You're beautiful, and I've heard a lot about your mind, but where's your work? None of them, for you not faith in yourself. Come, princess married Prince ancient family and every day I read the book in its own name scarlet and believe in the Red Book! Get out of the same princess, married to the distinguished guest of trade, falling asleep Chamber its glittering gold and believe in that gold! Peace, gold, scarlet book closes, Princess, by itself! My name is not in the Red Book, I could not fill this chamber with gold, and where I go - there are not reading the book of scarlet and gold were not valuable. And I do not know where I'm going, I do not know where my path, and do not know where I'll be, and I have no boundaries, because I believe in myself!
- Wait a minute - the king interrupted the singer - but do you have the right to believe in yourself?
The singer also said nothing and sang a cheerful song; King smiled, happily listened to her princess, and people all became clear. Then the singer sang sad songs; and fell silent chamber, and the princess had tears in his eyes. And all were silent, and the king's head lowered.
- I believe in myself, - said the singer, and no one laughed at him.
- I believe in myself, - he continued - and this belief leads me forward; and nothing is on my way. Will I have the gold, you will enter my name in scarlet books, but I do not believe gold and not the book, but only to himself, and etoyu faith to die, and death will be easy to me.
- But you otorveshsya the world. People will not forgive you. Trusting only in themselves, you go alone, and cold will come to you, for who is not for us - or against us - the king said sternly.
But the singer did not answer and then sang a song. He sang about the bright dawn; singing as nature believes in himself, and he loves nature and lives by it. And smooth brow of the king and the princess smiled and told the singer:
- I see - do not consider me an enemy of the people, and I do not come off from the world, because I sing, and the song lives in the world, and the world lives the song; without a song will be no peace ... The king, a man fit to love all nature, does not find a love for man? ..
And nodded princess and the king said:
- Do not you believe in yourself and in your song.
The singer replied:
- The song - a part of me; If I believe in my song more than myself, so I will destroy my power, and I will not quietly sing my songs, and will not, as now, to listen to their people ... I will lead my wife on a long journey. Let her believe in yourself and faith that brings happiness to many!
- I want faith in himself; I want to go far; I want to watch a high mountain at sunrise! - Said the princess.
And all were amazed. And rustled outside the window and the wind bent trees, and drove on dry land dozhdenosnye clouds - he believed in himself.


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