If you want to have a healthy heart, regulate the working of the digestive system

The heart is, on the one hand, the pump for blood circulation, and on the other hand, the vascular system, its dispenser: much to whom. Therefore, if you normally working heart, all the organs and systems will receive a just measure, and, consequently, body tone and performance will be high.

But, if your cardiovascular system starts to act up, manifesting dystonia, it affects all internal organs. From that arises the common diagnosis?


Heart problems is a consequence of the dystonia, and not the cause of its occurrence. And cause this syndrome problems in the liver and intestines. In turn, toxins out of the digestive system hit the "engine" of the human body, predetermining vegetative-vascular disorders.

If, in case of problems with the stomach, it can be unloaded through diet, the heart can not arrange a fasting days, obliged to work day and night without interruption, and even with a huge load. During the day the heart of an ordinary man pumping 15 tons of blood, pushing it through blood vessels with a length of 100 thousand kilometers and, while carrying out 100 thousand cuts. Because it is very important to have a benign blood. It depends on the purity of the air which man breathes, the food that consume, and the condition of the intestines.

There is even a diagnosis of giardiasis myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle, which manifests itself pain in the heart area, shortness of breath, and sometimes swelling). Although Giardia (parasites) in the heart do not live and dwell in the intestine, but the toxins which they produce, go to the liver, and from it to the heart distance is only 20 cm it is Clear that in this case, the heart need to be treated in complex with the intestines.

Myocarditis may occur in response to severe poisoning toxins. If the poisoning occurs at lower doses, noticeable heart failure can occur. But each hit to the heart of toxins will cause a small inflammation, which is withering away of a certain portion of the muscle.

People might not even guess, but to learn only after the examination by ECG, having a cardiologist conclusion: diffuse changes of the heart muscle. This diagnosis is very common today after 20 years.

After 50 years there is a new wording: cardio, which means that the dead area of muscle appeared the connective tissue (scar), which prevents the heart.

Such a terrible and widespread disease as atherosclerosis is usually associated with the excess cholesterol in the blood.

Scientists have noticed that patients with atherosclerosis in the vessel wall, a so-called foam cells. This is a reaction of the vessel wall on inflammation (in fact, it is immune inflammation), which causes toxins. Then in the atherosclerotic plaque platelets appear. Cholesterol also appears much later as a "rescue vehicle" — the vessel is injured and we need to "darn". Because in the blood and raises its level. If cholesterol to "remove" from the body of the draconian methods (exhausting diets, medical drugs), the heart of this in fact will be of little use.

Attack rapid heartbeat is often caused by ingress of toxins. For example, people breathed air with paint fumes or poisonous substances, they through the hepatic filter "broke" and reached the heart.

To make it clearer, you can make an analogy. When a person cuts onions, and its fumes get in your eyes, he began to blink to get rid of substances that irritate.

Approximately also happens with the heart: due to changes in heart rate the body tries to lose toxins. Therefore, people who want to have a healthy heart, you need to adjust the work of the digestive system.


This can only be done, normalizarea your regime and diet. The other method does not exist. This is what we have repeatedly said — you need to eat 5-6 times a day small portions (two handfuls of densely Packed without top). In this case, not only the saturation of the body with nutrients, but and cleaning.

Each meal should be accompanied by a small amount of fat (60 g / day 10-12 g at a time).Thus, the body performs several functions: there is a liver cleanse, stimulated production of pancreatic enzymes, and neutralizing the parasites in the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not forget about the liquid (about 2-2,5 liters per day), as well as sorbents. The best sorbents are steamed and cooked vegetables and fruits that contain pectin (which absorb the toxins) and fiber, which removes them from the body.

The main organ of the Central nervous system — the brain also depends on how the heart works and how blood is supplied to him. After all, the brain receives 20% of blood. If the heart is not able to send him this volume, the brain will work slowly, if the blood is contaminated with toxins, the nervous system will have increased excitability.

Sometimes talking about the person that he was too irritable, has a bad temper, but the owner of the "bad character" is not really a bad man, but his nervous system has suffered from toxic contamination. The nervous system is a sensitive indicator of the internal environment of the body. Pediatricians derive a clear pattern: if the child had a nervous TIC that he needs to treat Giardia. External nervous inadequacy manifests inner disharmony.

The tools that strengthen the heart muscle, — dried apricots, honey, raisins, nuts. But I would advise apricots, honey and raisins to eat apart from nuts, so all the components will be better absorbed. Dried fruits and honey very quickly into the blood, providing nourishment for the heart. Nuts are proteins, because you need some time for digestion in the stomach. They also contain unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E are very necessary to preserve the "youth" of the heart.

Valuable for the heart herb is calendula, because it contains a lot of vitamin A, needed to fight inflammatory processes that can occur in the heart muscle.

The spectrum of action of calendula can be extended if used in the collection along with rastoropcha and Helichrysum in equal parts. Then the effect on the heart will be completed and the impact on the liver, which will give the opportunity not only to strengthen the heart muscle, but also to improve the quality of the blood, maintaining the cardiovascular system of toxins.

Use the collection of herbs: 1 tablespoon sugar 300 ml of water, bring to the boil and simmer over a water bath for 15 minutes, to insist 45 minutes. Use 70 ml for 10-15 minutes before eating.

Very good for the heart is a decoction of oats. On the one hand, he cleanses the liver, creating conditions for the work of the heart, and second, activates the kidneys, thirdly, increases energy of heart (increases force of cardiac muscle, thereby slowing down heart rate)

A decoction of oatmeal to enrich and strengthen other "warm" components, which are the source of the need for the heart of the trace element potassium: 2-3 tablespoons of oats to fill in 0,5-1 liter of boiling water, leave for 30-40 minutes on low heat, drain, pour the hot broth, apricots and raisins (several pieces), and when a little cooled, add honey (to taste). Drink this decoction throughout the day, berries to eat.

Pressed whole grain oat should not be disposed of. Of them can cook very healthy food — grind in a meat grinder and cook them a mess that they should have before going to sleep and in the morning on an empty stomach. This mess is not only saturate the body and heart, but at the expense of the shells of oats (which is not in the store oat flakes and oatmeal) is good to cleanse the body. So the porridge was delicious, you can add dried fruits, honey, spices or oil. published


Author: Boris Skachko


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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