The skills to develop wisdom and the ability to live

Many people have the idea that if a person is popular (in demand), it becomes the feature of his character.

This view comes from the varying degrees of unconscious beliefs that "if I was popular (popular), then I'd let yourself the confidence, stability, freedom of action" and so on.

And this belief is projected onto the other person: is he behaving like this because he feels "needed, demanded," so he allows himself to "the audacity, the freedom, confidence and him reckless, and he sacrifices his interests."

All the way around.

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First you develop the skills of confidence, resilience, ability to understand people, to value their time and freedom of action, and thus become popular. Until then, while you wait for that you especially will notice and recognize, and then you imagine all this will — until then you just have to envy those who live these skills are acquired.

It is clear that if a person is not able to hold their borders is the wrong manipulation, does not know how to structure your life in such a way that resources appeared more than he spends, if he does not know how to master life for yourself depends on others ' opinions and wishes for all to be good, the acquisition of such skills is almost a miracle and he can afford them only be explained by arrogance and dishonesty of those who have such skills.

Such a person is extremely inflexible, has enough personal power in order to be able to your attention to keep a huge number of different subtle factors are poorly versed in the environment and therefore ineffective in his personal and professional life. But if is not effective, and it is not in demand.

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If the same person works on themselves, then sooner or later he develops these skills in turn in various areas of their life. Some form first, stability in personal relationships and then develops the professional skills, while others develop as professionals and then gaining stability and clarity in personal relationships.

Many beginning psychologists, who do not have these skills, describe such a person as narcissistic, projecting her own unfulfilled need for recognition. While it's just a pragmatic development that helps you to have greater freedom of self-realization and more resources for her. By itself, the goal "become a star" for such a person is absent, its demand is simply a side effect of achievement.

Why do I think that for the development of wisdom and the ability to live in high vibrations necessary social realisation.

First, because social realisation involves the development of a large number of different skills that greatly deepen and thin the perception.

Second, because stuck in the basement of the consciousness of the need for social recognition and social skills just won't allow you to move in the direction of the evolution of your soul constantly surfacing in consciousness in the form of pride and envy, but not being deliberate, will be projected to others.

The best way to get rid of such temptations is to simply do everything in your power to satisfy those needs in socially acceptable form. Then in the way of your spiritual development will not be simple obstacles. You don't have to "fight with pride".published 


Author: Nina Rubstein




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