The matrix the life of the field

Freedom is movement only in the framework of our life of the fieldWhat is the most vivid, lust, and unquenchable desire of man, with whom he sometimes lives all his life?Dream of freedom.

People dream to be free from obligations, from needs, from chiefs and monetary slavery, from bad weather and needing to do something that they don't want.

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Everyone wishes for a uncomplicated any restrictions on freedom, though society and life impose their rules and regulations. And people did in this quest do not understand that in life it is impossible to achieve absolute and pure freedom from anyone and from anything.

Although everything seems to be "transparent" and we don't see that someone prevents us, for example, quit work, and go to live in warmer climate, go for a walk or sleep instead of work, pour myself a Cup of tea or not pour, go to the cinema or not to go, to live with that person or with that.

After all, this is freedom.

And if we wanted to call the President, or the star of rock-n-roll, and it is possible.Let not from the first attempt, but the hundredth will definitely try.

And if tea and calls all clear, but with vital matters is not so simple. Often people like and want, but cannot change its position. For example, want to earn a lot of money, and it seems to work, but constantly is something that returns it to the same level of income as before, or wants to get a new job but goes no further interviews.

The life fieldAnd it turns out that just because a person lives in a certain life field, which always tends to a balanced state. It restricts the freedom of the person, not the events and circumstances. Any human attempts to change the status of this field, regarded them as a violation of a condition of balance, and it seeks to return the person to the already established condition.

And yet, when a man approached the verge of changing the balanced state, it is a vital field itself pushes man to the next level. And this level is different from the previous another set of key relationships.

Man, dreaming about freedom, actually dreaming about this as this vital field, which will be comfortable for him at this time. And a period can last from moments to decades.

Life balance wheelPeople are trying to assess the field of life, intuitively knowing its impact on my life. Only using the wrong tools.

And the most famous tool used for assessment of his life — "life balance Wheel".

Let me remind you that it is.

This is a drawn circle divided into sectors.

Each sector is one of the areas of life. You can customize the desired areas and draw them into "the life balance Wheel»

Each sector is invited to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 on the basis of internal sensations and external factors. Usually every normal person instead of a circle it is pretty crooked and not viable, which can't exactly roll down the road of life.

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And when appreciated and clearly seen, it is proposed to tighten the most disastrous areas of life to 10s, or to develop the most attractive, to ensure that the wheel was flat and preferably with the maximum points in all areas of life.

I painted this wheel and was horrified and upset that it looks like a gibberish, and not on the smooth wheel. Wrote goals and plans, pondered the situation and tried to be invented. Enough not for long.

Since it's NOT RA-BO-TA-O!

Because each resource can be in three States:

  • Frustrated
  • Connected
  • Pumped
Frustration means that the resource is "off" in a person's life. For example, the frustration of online friendship means that a person has no friends, close friends, and if there is, these friends left from my school years, or lost everything a long time ago.

If the resource is connected, it means that this resource is in a person's life because of its public, social, and family histories. For example, there was a woman married to a man whose strong, family friendly, no drunks/divorce/violence. And in joining this family, it can connect to the same resource family. And can not connect. As a marriage, new job, relocation does not lead to the automatic connection of the resource. Whether connected to a resource depends on the person. And, continuing the example with friends, if a person lose school/College friends, it would be extremely difficult to find a new when just connected online.

If the person finds new friends, better than the old, and those friendships will bring him pleasure, and if these friends lost, he will find a new one – then talking about the pumped online.

A person can be pumped a maximum of 2-3 resource! But not all! And this person can be quite happy in life.

You cannot have a pumped resource recreation and career or business. Or resource altruism and Economics. Well, imagine Mother Teresa and Bill gates in one package. One pumped the resource of altruism, and the other of Economics (Finance). But one man is incompatible.

One understanding of this already takes the question to himself.

The "life balance Wheel" does not consider this a very important factor as time. The resource can be connected, and takes a couple of years and he's already frustrated.

The matrix of life parabolee vital and close to reality will use another description of the life of the field.

Remember, there was a game of "Tag". Now it can be found in the online version. Given a field size of 4x4, and fifteen of chips from 1 to 15, to populate this field in any order. To win the chips needed to move within the field and decompose strictly from 1 to 15.

Now imagine instead of chips life.
For example, 1 health, 2 family, 3 career, and so on.

That win-win (balance) should be put in the correct order. But this is impossible without moving other chips – sphere of life, here's the catch.

And if we add the temporal characteristic, then we get a cube from the "Tag."

And each piece of this cube would correspond to one area of your life. And here is to win, you need to all faces of a cube "agreed". Because at birth we all have chips in discord.

The areas of life that we seek to bring balance, consists of many components: skills, abilities, professional and human qualities, heredity, genetics, childhood-based beliefs, different thought patterns.

It turns out that the man with his life field is how would a giant Rubik's Cube, or a giant "Tag" with a lot of chips. For simplicity, let's call it a Matrix.

Ninety three million nine hundred seventy nine thousand two hundred eighty three

And in reaching for balance, we constantly move the chips on the Matrix field, so that some quality has a position in this field. It's impossible to "pump" a particular quality, skill or ability, without affecting the rest.

Often people manage to collect one of the faces of the Matrix, bringing into balance the skills and abilities needed in this field. Then by definition other areas of life are out of balance.

For example, a woman may be implemented as a wife and mother, life improving skills, home Economics, pedagogy, skills, crafts, etc. But then everyone is sad in the financial sector. Yes, it can provide a spouse, but she is a complete ignoramus in the business world. Simply because this sphere of life, it is not "pumped".

Or suppose a man seriously enjoys his profession puts a lot of passion, effort and time. Then he may suffer a health or social skills. A sort of man — a hermit, which is not to talk, not drink normally impossible.

And if a professional health is fine, and socialization all good, in the sphere of a loving relationship can be all bad, or no career growth.

Now, man can long occupy a certain position in life, not trying anything to "improve" his life Matrix will be in a steady, balanced state.

The balance will be conditional, not all of the faces of the Matrix will be "collected" like a Rubik's Cube, one "color", but the system will be in steady state.

And now the man decides that he has little money, for example. In fact, he begins to "shake" the Matrix, trying to reshape it so that "developed" area of money. For this he needs to acquire new skills or improve existing. And as I said, life field, always striving for balance, and so it happens everything can happen, but would not give the man to upset the balance and structure of the Matrix.

People suddenly got a big win in the lottery, often very quickly return to its poor condition. And that's only because the life field returned to its stable state, and the people lacked the necessary skills in order to transform the Matrix to a new stable state, but with "winning" the world of money.

Or Vice versa, people are so "pumped" your skills and abilities that the life field, literally "pushes" it out of balance, forcing people to move these skills to the faces of the Matrix.

Works, for example, an engineer in the organization and become a tough professional, but the post to go on increasing no. And it is already old job, and the organization itself "outgrown". The matrix then will push the person of these unbalanced working relationship. There will come a new head, which is not the relationship, the firm will go bankrupt, or a person can go a long leave of absence and he quickly finds a replacement.

It turns out that the search for balance and equilibrium in life is finding a steady state matrix of the life of the field.

In this sphere of life may be imperfect, but they can be in balance one by another.

It is impossible to "pump" just a little bit. Quality skills are on opposite sides from the center. Some of the qualities, skills, and abilities are always compensated by other, you could say they opposed.

Some "cells" of the Matrix was filled at conception-birth and we cannot change them. Genetic abnormalities, health, body type and temperament, mental ability, physical deformities, or congenital defects and diseases. It remains only to live with it, trying to compensate for these innate qualities with something else.

We cannot, in good condition, to degrade the accumulated skills and abilities. High to forget without practice, but if learned to swim or ride a bike, those skills will never disappear.

Because evolution is so inherent that people can only develop in complexity and improvement.

Very simply this can be illustrated by the example of money. A man wants a lot of money, and makes everything imaginable and unimaginable to make it. Earns, but sees that there are distortions in other areas. Health deteriorated, the family is on the verge of collapse. And people can start to tighten up these areas to an acceptable level. And when everything was adjusted, it appears that the financial side was hurt. And again in a circle. But the skills acquired in the previous round, have not gone away. Accordingly, a new "level", new condition the life of the field will be more difficult.

And such are all wishing for freedom.

We can only move within the framework of our life of the field. We can change and improve only their skills, their qualities, while still remaining within the framework. Not to forget that we do not live in a vacuum and are constantly interacting with many people and structures.

And they can also introduce their "corrections" with our life field, forcing us to move the chips is not dependent on our desires.

Therefore, the desire of total freedom and sustainable life balance is nothing more than a myth. published 


Author: Olga Rybakina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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