The Golden rule of conduct Erikson

Interpersonal interaction is what we face all the lifeThere is the "Golden rule of ethics" formulated by God-knows-when and by whom and wandering from culture to culture:"Do unto others as you would like them to do to you."

It is constantly rethinking and pereformuliruem it is a good tradition. Each culture tries first to reformulate and adjust this is the Golden rule of ethics for themselves. So born of Christian

"Love your neighbor as yourself",

and the categorical imperative philosophical ethics of Immanuel Kant:

"A person should only be the purpose of your actions and never a means".


That is, if I feed you, just because you're now hungry, and I want you were hungry, because I know that to be hungry is not comfortable. Not because I want to see tomorrow, you gave me his notebook with the lectures.

This "Opera" is happening and is very popular with my anonymous Maxim, already reinterpreted Kant (i.e., the granddaughter of the "Golden rule of ethics"). Sounds like:

"Love people. Use things. And not Vice versa".

And so, in turn, for the "Golden rule of ethics" come from Ericsson, the same. What is the value of the work of his mind? Not to show off wit, saying the same, but different.

Erikson formulated entirely new law and called it: "the Golden rule of conduct." For whom he made this law? Primarily for those on the maximum included in the process of interpersonal interaction and more — from this process depends. For example, how does this person communicate with other individuals directly tied to the life of his artistic project, his business, his brainchild.

That is, it is best to study the law in practice learning in practice learning managers. But not only them. Why managers are the cream of human wisdom and wit? Because interpersonal interaction is what we face life, not even being a chiefs and not working with customers all day.

So, the Golden rule of conduct.

Interact with people so that the result of Your communication gave new strength and a different you.

How little is said, but how much work this is! Just try to run! This commandment makes it clear that energy vampirism, when after contact, the forces are added only one person quietly destroys the team and the whole matter.


And elementary psychological ignorance, when, after the communication power is not anybody in General — and do not sink the ship immediately.

Erickson clearly explains a very painful question: "How is it, you have to do unto others as your own?" But if I want chocolate, and my neighbor is on a diet, what I owe him chocolate in the mouth stuff, in accordance with the commandment?

But if "you shall not covet your neighbor what you do not want done to yourself" to do exactly what half the people will walk sad and lost all the most expensive...

All really simple. Middle we give not hated him (and us dear) chocolate. Middle we give your energy to. And expect him to do the same. Waiting for energy. Therefore, the result of healthy, high-quality communication will be an influx of new and fresh forces on both communication sides.

A one-sided game tiring and annoying. And how to make it that way — equally from both? Here on this and think, including your emotional intelligence, and the unemotional in these thoughts will not serve as a hindrance.

If you want, I will Express my opinion, or rather, tell their strategy. In my opinion, the main thing — not to lie to yourself.That is, do not communicate with those people with whom to communicate and you're disgusting. To communicate only with those whom you can happily accept as a GOAL and not as a MEANS. The habit of using people will give some quick earthly gains, but painfully hit the second end of the stick — it will drain our energy. And then people with depleted energy are used to seeing in any communication only the heavy and tedious WORK, will be uninteresting at all to anyone. He wants the habit to use somebody wearing a smile — and everything from it like the plague flee, don't believe him insincere eyes and a false smile.

So, spend all your stamina to maintain a fake (not giving back the energy when) friendship remains on the beans. First — nobody will give up their energy (as I honestly give it only in exchange for yours!). Second, he was not able habitually to use for small material gain — the energy exhausted man pass by and not even give him coffee for free.

Well, if You are the owner of such a Golden Communication, which described the Ericsson and if You have people with whom You share "new forces", then you can have all these forces that You'll be able to share them on occasion even with a grim and angry stranger. published


Author: Helen Nazarenko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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