I bet you will not guess about the real purpose of these 10 things

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Every day we see huge number of different things and are so used to many of them that do not even ask ourselves: "why do we need the pompom on the hat? And the hole in the wand from Chupa-Chups?"

We at the Website are very interested in such matters. And here's what we learned about the objects that we see almost every day.

The pompom on the hat

Currently, the POM-poms meet on every second cap, and this part is perceived only as an accessory. First POM-POM appeared on the hats of French sailors in the eighteenth century. On ships of that time were narrow room with low ceilings, and the POM-POM was an important role — to protect the head from hitting the tabs. Then it was used in the army uniform of different countries. Color and shape of the pompon, it was possible to know about the kind of troops. Now it's just a decoration. However, in rooms with low ceilings it can be very helpful.

Square hole on the wand from Chupa-Chups

Many people mistakenly believe that it is necessary in order that's swallowed a stick, the child suffocated. However, for this purpose a stick make a hollow the entire length. And the hole on the side you need to ensure that candy will not fall. When a stick is immersed in liquid candy, it fills the first hole. After hardening obtained a strong retainer of a Lollipop.

The arrows on the trousers

It is difficult to imagine a business suit without arrows. Do they make them specially as a stylish item? And here and there. In the late nineteenth century in Europe factories made clothes and most of it sent to other countries. Below in the holds of ships clothes fit anymore, it was pressed and Packed before loading. After a long journey on the pants had creases, get rid of them was almost impossible. Then the arrows on the pants just came into fashion.

"A pocket" women's shorts

The fact that the sanitary standards of the inner layer should be made of special soft fabric. This applies to both male and female underwear. However, the technology of sewing the female models it's impossible to do both inner seam, so one of them is sewn up, and it turns out a kind of pocket. Now we know exactly what to put nothing.

A square patch on backpack

Surely you have noticed a small leather box on many backpacks. This so-called pull-tab for tying, so initially was very useful in the campaign. It made possible to thread the rope, carabiners and snap additional equipment to free your hands. Today the tongue is used mainly for beauty.

The hole between camera and flash of iPhone

Few people know that this hole — in fact an auxiliary microphone. It is located on the side of the camera that when recording sound was better. It also helps Siri to better understand different accents and to further reduce the noise perceived by the main microphone.

The number "57" on the Heinz ketchup bottles

Most people believe the number is just a design element of packaging or designation of a number of ingredients. But this is actually a very useful thing. When the ketchup drips out of the bottle, tilt it and hit the edge of his hand on the number "57". You will be surprised with the result.

Code on the packaging of the cosmetics

If you look on any packaging of cosmetic products, whether liquid concealer, eye shadow, face powder, you will see behind the symbol, like a small open container on which is marked — 6M, 12M or 24M. These numbers indicate the "lifetime" of your makeup: 6, 12 and 24 months, respectively. Useful life hack: make your cosmetic bag does not fill an expired cosmetics, write token number, after which the cosmetics will be already unusable. For this you just need to add to the opening date of the product the number of months with the marking.

Replacement blades for craft knife

Not everyone knows that a dull blade on the stationary knife can break off, getting a new sharp blade. Many do not, because I think threat. This is actually very easy! It is necessary to expose a blade edge, remove the plugs, using the holes on the cap to fix the blade and twist off the unusable part.

The switch on the rear view mirror

This switch "day — night" in order to avoid blinding the driver at night from the headlights of an overtaking car. The fact that the rear view mirrors are dual-reflective coating, which can always be changed with a single press on the switch. Life hack, which will be particularly valuable for novice motorists.

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