12 errors and events that influenced the course of history

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As you know, every action has its consequences — good or bad, one way or another change the course of life of individual people or of all mankind.

The website has gathered for you the events that affected the course of events.

Prohibition and the "Caesar"salad

4 July 1924 at the restaurant, located in Mexico near the US border, there was a rough meal. And if alcohol was not a problem, the food supplies came to an end. And then the restaurant owner Caesar Cardini had the idea to cook a dish that has not had time to eat.

Among the supplies resourceful chefs have discovered Romaine lettuce, wheat bread, Parmesan cheese and eggs. It is from the leaves of Romaine, croutons, grated Parmesan and sauce, eggs, lemon juice, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and olive oil, and was made the first "Caesar" in the world.

The error in the calculations and the contamination of vast territory

In 1954, Bikini Atoll was tested a nuclear bomb, the explosion which was 2.5 times the size of the estimated 15 megatons instead of 6 most likely.

The error was the fault of the designers of the bombs that decided that lithium-7 present in the bomb, will be inactive. The result of this monstrous error was not only changing the contours of the Bikini Atoll and radioactive contamination of vast territory, but also the death of many people from the effects of radiation sickness.

Defective wine and Dom Perignon

In the mid-seventeenth century Benedictine monk Pierre Perignon studied ways to remove the bubbles from the wine, which was made in his monastery. According to monk, the bubbles generated during fermentation, making the wine base, and exploding barrels drink quite often. To fix this, he thought he could pour the wine in the bottle and plugging them with wooden plugs to contain carbon dioxide.

However, with the coming to power of the Regent Philippe II of Orleans, who preferred it foamy drink all the Parisian courtyard in the intention to please the ruler was to drink exclusively.

Wounds, iñigo de Loyola and the Jesuit order

In 1521, iñigo de Loyola participated in the defense of Pamplona and received a serious wound to the leg. Recovering in the castle after several operations, he asked me to bring him the romances, which the local library was not there. Instead, he brought the work entitled "the Life of Jesus Christ" and one that "lives of the saints".

In the words of Loyola, reading these books opened the "unfathomable world", and gradually the brave knight started to see more and more immersed in religion. After 19 years, iñigo has organized and became head of the Jesuit order, who played a major role in the revival in Europe of the Catholic faith after the reformation.

The construction of the mill and the California gold rush

January 24, 1848, managing the construction of a sawmill on the river the American river, James W. Marshall discovered in the water wheel of small yellow rocks. He attributed the discovery to his employer John Sutter, who, after checking them, came to the conclusion that this is pure gold. Despite the fact that Sutter wanted to keep the discovery of gold, very soon news of this spread around the country.

A huge number of people rushed to California the population of San Francisco over 2 years increased from 1 000 to 25 000 people, the construction of roads, schools and churches throughout the state. By the way, is in California in 1853, during the gold rush, Levi Strauss made and sold the world's first jeans.

Revenge and chips

Surprisingly, the chips and jeans appeared in the same year. August 24, 1853, chef of the American restaurant Moon's Lake House, George Crum prepared for one of his clients usual side of fries. However, the visitor had no taste, the sliced thickness of potatoes, on which he complained to the cram.

The cook got angry in response, cut the potato slices with a thickness of not more paper and fried them in boiling oil. However, a visitor came to the wild delight, and since then the restaurant has a new dish — "Saratoga Chips".

Despite the fact that the recipe for such dishes mentioned in the cookbook, 1817, and George crumb, most likely, is not his inventor, the merit of the popularity of the chips, without a doubt, belongs to him.

The wrong route and the beginning of the First world war

As you know, the reason for the start of the First world war was the assassination of Prince Franz Ferdinand, which occurred in 1914. However, few people know that despite the fact that Gavrilo Princip was one of the conspirators in a crime to kill the Prince he managed by chance.

On the morning of 28 July the Prince arrived in Sarajevo, and on the way to city hall, one of the conspirators threw a grenade, which Franz Ferdinand instinctively threw into a crowd of people. After visiting the town hall he went to visit the victims of the grenade explosion, but the driver to change the route not reported.

When the car rolled into the Franz Joseph street, along which the Prince in the morning went to the town hall, she was noticed standing near the cafe, the Principle that made the first shots of the First world war.

Melted chocolate and a revolution in cooking

In 1945 Percy Lebaron Spencer for 20 years, worked to develop radar for the American firm Raytheon. One day, while passing through the installation, a radiating high-frequency waves, he noticed that the chocolate in his pocket (according to another version — a sandwich with cheese) melted.

Percy kept his head and bought in the nearest store dry corn that setting immediately turned into popcorn. Then he decided to cook the egg that was safely detonated.

The patent for the first microwave oven, named the Radarange, was received on 8 October 1945. 2 years later, came the first commercial furnace, growth of which reached 180 cm, and weight — 340 lbs. Worth this "unit" of $ 5 000.

Unnecessary blanks and stainless steel

In 1913, English Metallurgist-taught Harry Brierley conducted a study of alloys in the search for the perfect formula of metal for making gun barrels. Unfortunate, in his opinion, harvesting it simply piled in a heap, where they rusted.

One day Harry noticed that one of the castings, made a month ago, unlike the others, it is not Paravel. Brierley sent casting two factory in Sheffield where for several centuries there were factories for the manufacture of knives and Cutlery, but they are not interested in opening it.

Only a year later, Brierley met a school friend, with whom they have invented a way to process the alloy so that it was not fragile. Already in 1916, they managed to get a patent for his invention in the United States.

Tea and the War for independence

On 16 December 1773 in the us Boston, an event occurred that went down in history as the Boston tea party. The group, calling themselves "Sons of liberty" dressed like Indians, in protest against adopted in may, "the Tea law" thrown into the water 342 boxes with tea was in the holds arrived from England ships.

Despite the differences between North American colonies and great Britain, historians believe that the Boston tea party was the catalyst of the war of independence, which was established United States of America.

The erased entries of the first moon landing

According to official data, on July 20, 1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. According to various gossip around the world since then, it's not a hoax and the Americans never landed on the Earth's satellite.

Fueled rumors and the fact that the original footage, which captured a historic moment, was accidentally destroyed by NASA, liberated films for new videos. Remained only 4 copies transferred at the time of the various broadcasters.

In 2009, Hollywood experts have restored recording available copies, and today they are available to all on the NASA website. However, what was restored in Hollywood and restored it at all, given the possibilities of modern technology, we hardly know.

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