To take away the snow from the streets? (13 photos)

Always wondered where the snow is taken away after being collected from the streets and roads. After this story, who wrote a blogger becomes clear.

The most simple and environmentally friendly methods of snow removal is its removal of the dry snegosvalki equipped facilities collection and treatment of melt water. However, this principle of eliminating snow appeared not so long ago. Until 2000, the most common method of snow removal was its direct discharge into surface waters or are not equipped with storage in a dump. Up to 35% of snow dumped into the Moscow River and Yauza. This snow was very dirty street trash, sand and various chemicals.

The idea of ​​receiving snow in the city sewer system was born in the 60s of the last century. Melting snow mass was carried out due to the heat of urban wastewater. Originally developed solutions included dumping snow directly into drains, without qualitative composition of the discharged snow, which could lead to clogging of the network facilities and as a result, the rivers.

Now all the trash is sorted into separate bins, and the snow, brought from the street, the first thing sent to smelting. There are two types snegoplavilnyh points: stationary and mobile. In Moscow, it operates 35 stationary points, taking the major share of the melting snow. The total capacity of stationary points is 193,300 cubic meters per day. For comparison, the volume of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Cheops - 2, 5 million. Cubic meters. m.

Stationary snegoplavilnye item should be placed on the sewage canals, providing in its design treatment facilities and sewage mixture meltwater.


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