On the New York snow storm struck (60 photos)

Five states affected by the snowfall, which fell to 1,000 mm.
We had to close the airports and refueling, the city stood.
Let's see what happened in New York is really, really worse than in Russia? :)

It all started as usual the night before appeared at gas stations turn and run out of petrol. I had to go to another.

The next morning, people were already fully armed.

Start date for submission was set for one o'clock. The hour went torrential rain, which went under the harvesting equipment.

Later in the afternoon rain was replaced by snow.

The night has swept an adult.

At 9 am I went outside and saw nothing shocking. The usual Russian winter. Only the streets cleared of snow.

The roads were so good that I sat down and quietly went to summer tires.

Cleaners were everywhere. For these purposes, in New York, used garbage trucks. About these machines tailor-made city

During the night the city fell from 30 to 45 cm. Of snow. In neighboring states came to a meter.

Since Brooklyn is not particularly look at that, I went on the subway to Manhattan.

The wagon loaded sabveya workers with shovels.

Let's go.

The first thing I see in Manhattan, this cleaning technique.

There's no cars, no usual tourist crowds. Chelovekstatuyasvobody beckoning.

A drive around just cleaners.

And cleaners-posypalschiki reagent.

Times Square.

Along the many high-rise buildings are barriers to snow Bosko missed.

Almost on every street corner has to jump through the muck. Possible not everywhere. At the end of my walking shoes almost completely soaked.

The streets are empty. The authorities asked not to drive unnecessarily. It seems that the people heeded the request.

Bryant Park.

The sidewalk in front of the Public Library.

If the main streets cleaned perfectly, the pro side can not be said.

I wanted to make the Chrysler Building in the snow, but it did not. The sun came out, it was warm and all the snow is not blown off by the wind, melted.

The technology of cleaning sidewalks is no different from the Russian. Snow just take off on the road under the wheels of cars.

In the streets of rides harvesting equipment, it spreads over the surface of the snow and moves it away from the curb to the center, sprinkled liberally with the reagent.

There, under the wheels of cars the mixture turns into slush melts and flows into the drain manholes. Snow nobody is exports.

City bus on the circuit.

Madison Square Park.

Homeless sleeping near Union Square. In his speech yesterday, the mayor called on all citizens, if they meet during the hurricane homeless on the street, to call for a single landline number and report it. City officials will send people to those taking them to shelters and helped ride out bad weather.

The parks all citizens actively engaged in the molding of the snow.

Almost everything.

I never thought that the Soviet army Ushanka become a fashion accessory. Badge was present.

Our clothes New Yorkers judge the weather is not worth it. One will be in the down jacket and fur hat, and the other in sweaters. Seen today, a couple of people in shorts.

Snow removal before the City Hal.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Lazy cops even flashing lights are not cleared.

The right vehicle for driving on snow drifts.

Cleaning machines go in threes. In the first and second buckets are always set at different angles.

Third special machine with a reagent.

Snow removal in Battery Park.

Ferry to Staten Island is flanked by two Coast Guard boats.

When I got back to Brooklyn, then the street was already dry asphalt.

It is four o'clock. It's ten in the morning the place was pictured 8.

Well, a bit of beach life.

Beach in the snow looks strange.

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