Learning the facts about aviation and air travel (18 photos)

Interesting facts about air travel and aviation in general.

Many have been flying planes, someone is just going to, in any case, the information will be useful to everyone.

The aircraft - the safest means of transportation.



The oldest airline in the world is a Dutch KLM, which was founded in October 1919 the seventh.


First flight attendant aboard the plane was an American Ellen Church. She was a nurse by training and had a license to operate the aircraft. When, in 1930, she applied for a job in the airline «Boeing Air Transit», there will gladly responded. The girl, in addition to regular duties, filled tanks with fuel, carried luggage, wind the watch in the cockpit, fly beat, etc.


Prior to that, two years on planes operated only male flight attendants (stewards), and only on German aircraft.


Every airport, according to the rules of international aviation has a three-letter code in Latin. In Russia this code in Cyrillic. Ufa - the only airport, whose name in the international and Russian systems of the same: UVA - UFA.


More funny story from Copenhagen and Saransk. These two airports same letter code. Only in Copenhagen are in Latin and Cyrillic at Saransk - NRC.


Most Western airlines passenger aircraft is not number thirteen.


More than half a century ago, the ticket price was at least an order of magnitude higher than now. That is, moving in real time, for example, flights from Moscow to Rome would have cost you not 6000 rubles, and at least sixty.


Part of the stake in the airline «British Airways» belongs to the Church of England.


Scientists say that the noise of aircraft engines alters taste of food. It seems to be more crisp, but less salty and sweet.


At the airport, the South Korean city of Incheon you find 4, 13 and 44 exit. With the number 13 everything is clear and in tune with the way the death of 4.


According to a survey of more than 70,000 respondents in May last year, it became clear that the airline «Scandinavian Airlines» is the most preferred among gays and lesbians.


The first commercial passenger flight took place 99 years ago. Of course, then buy tickets there was no option available to all and the right to fly solved behind the scenes.


According to statistics, in order to practically guaranteed to get on the plane, which is to crash, a person must be over 13 years old to fly every day, with the chance to stay alive is 10 to one. That is, only one in ten would be tragic.


Every thirty third passenger suffered aerophobia.

The most annoying factor during the flight the passenger is a knock on the neighbor behind the back of the chair.


Pilots flying on international flights, communicate with air traffic controllers in English only.


The largest number of airports situated on the territory of the United States - more than 14 and a half thousand.


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