The people united (18 photos)

Residents Kramatorsk (Donetsk region), armed with axes, hammers and pliers to tear down the fence around the construction site near their homes.
A good example are shown - together we are strong!

Poor guard called the police, but she did not intervene and left after the destruction of the fence.

People think that the construction will destroy their already home emergency.

Residents filed a lawsuit. In March last year the Supreme Administrative Court overturned the decision of Ukraine Kramatorsk City Court, which obliged the local City Council to lease land on the street Palace between 11th and 13th houses.

In December last year the city council refused to renew Kramatorsky rent this area, but the developers did not want to dismantle the fence.

However, tenants have solved this problem yourself and remove debris from their land.

Worked young and old alike.


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