Unfinished Moscow

Moscow is increasingly cluttered with unfinished projects. Investors are ruined, money runs out, and unfinished buildings stand in the center of Moscow for years. Now in Moscow more than 500 frozen construction projects, some of them come to life in the near future, and some will remain ghost buildings.

Strolling in the last days of the city, photographing the beautiful views of the snow-covered capital, everywhere, in all areas of the city, I had to constantly run across a vast wasteland, unfinished buildings dilapidated ruins - witnesses of big ambitions, big money and even greater theft.

24 photos via Ilya Varlamov

Let's look at some of them.

House at Mosfilm. Almost unfinished skyscraper "Don Story," who had fallen two years ago in a lethargic sleep. Money for the completion of not. It became known story of a judicial decision requiring the developer to demolish some of the upper floors (say, at the insistence of the FSO - easily visible from above dachas on the Sparrow Hills). The order was made, and nothing happens - most likely, in the disassembly of money, too, is not (in the summer, it was stated that the completion will VTB Bank in exchange for the debts of the company's assets, wait and see).

View two years ago

Years go by, and the building is worth.

Moscow City.


The ambitious project involves the construction of a complex of skyscrapers at the site of the former industrial zone of dull, which were intended to be a symbol of the new Russia in Moscow and the new, crowning the highest tower in Europe with the speaker called "Russia". So, what we have in the year 2011.? Yes, skyscrapers can be seen everywhere, they really become the hallmark of the city, its architecture is interesting and bold. But ... "Russia" as it was not, and is not, and likely will not be. The complex of two towers of "Mirax Group" stood at one and built a second, did not get up to 2/3 of its height. Money for the completion and there probably will not be. Crane did not move, but sometimes on the upper floors can see flashes of sparks: evil tongues say (and, it seems, is not without reason) that a small team of creative Uzbeks depicts the activities, welding and cutting pieces of rebar to calm naive investors. Offices in some places are already in operation, but it is a drop in the sea originally planned.

It is clear that the crisis is here and say all this. But on average, the Chinese district center (with a population of several million people) complexes such as our City, a few pieces and they are mushrooming.

But we're all on the outskirts of wandering? We move to the center. And in the center, the central go - directly vis the Kremlin, the Sofia embankment. There Monument ambitions gape as torn teeth. No, if you look out of the windows of the Grand Kremlin Palace, like all good: British Embassy, ​​the building of "Rosneft", the church bell tower of St. Sophia, but what seems to be going around the repair - façades draped advertising and images of tidy houses. So, for this advertising did not repaired - there were only ruins. In the "Wikipedia" in 2007 was as follows: "At the end of the 1990s, the Moscow city government developed the questions on the reconstruction of the" golden island "in front of the Kremlin. "The search for" crowned with Resolution 1104-RP dated 08.11.2000 with the eloquent title "The demolition of house number 1 4; House number 1 6; House number 1 8; №№ 5, 6, 10 homes on the Sofia embankment. and structures №№ 2, 3, 4, 5b, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13a, 15, 19 Housing 14 to Marsh area ". By this time most of the buildings have been evicted in the resolution of their owners and at the same time responsible for the demolition were named of "Stone Bridge" and JSC "Kremlin site". Fell demolished all the buildings at the Sofia and marshes to the west and south of the British Embassy (square area of ​​about 5 hectares). Among them are not only obscure the Chamber of XVII century, but also to recognize the "front" monument (manor Durasova - Mariinsky School, home № 8-10). After a few days, on the night of 12 to 13 November 2000, LLC "Brook Mill" demolished the Chamber of XVII century, where he lived Picart - court painter Peter I, the author of the panorama of Moscow in 1707 (the house number 6 in the quarter), while damaged and the neighboring № 8. The public outcry forced the government of Moscow plans to adjust the next three weeks at home 8 and 10, directly overlooking the waterfront, were excluded from the list for demolition. Houses 8 and 10 are evicted and abandoned to this day, and gradually turned into ruins. In an even worse state of a tiny corner house at number 4/2. As of August 2007, the construction works on this site are not kept, the section itself is not protected. " And now take a look for yourself: as of January 2011 in this part of Moscow with direct views of the Kremlin, where every gram of land should be worth its weight in gold, they feel at ease only stray dogs.




Let's go from the Great Stone Bridge along the promenade, enjoying panoramic views of the Kremlin cathedrals, in the direction of Moscow River bridge. There's not all that neglect, but also as something incomprehensible: the area is fenced, concrete piles protrude from the valve, there is even a watchman. That's all. The same wasteland. Once upon a time, until the mid '90s, there were the old storage shed shabby, but strong. Naturally, they had to urgently carry - no place like junk in front of the Kremlin. Demolished. We had to build a mega-super-business center "Tsarev Sad". Sberbank has issued loans worth millions of dollars. Salvage gone offshore. As a result, someone sat down and remained a wasteland. Like Sberbank threatened to finish. This news is dated November 2009. So far so good, quiet armaturiny like sticking and sticking. By the way, down the embankment, already at the next, Yauzsky bridge - just a wasteland. However, there are still piles of bricks once imported.


We pass the bridge. Before we left to the Kremlin gold in the setting sun, right in the direction of travel iridescent Basil, and the right ... That's right, a huge advertising the same "Don Story."

And her huge snow-covered plain, where once was the "charge", and five years ago - the hotel "Russia". Disproportionate, such as whole-la Palace of Congresses, but it was. The famous Lord Norman Foster has developed a preliminary sketches of the new building of the hotel. Next was a dark story with Baturina, who seemed invested in this project, then the crisis struck, and then losing it somehow compensate the Bank of Moscow. A year ago, honored builder and lover of good hours of Vladimir Resin pledged to complete the first stage of a new complex in 2012. Now the 2011-th. A couple of bulldozers and a lot of snow - more there is nothing.



Near Basil's Cathedral - again camouflaged building Middle Trading Rows. Reconstruction lasted for four years. And now, it seems, there is no nothing.


Southwest. There's a pretty nice neboskrebchik, one of the first in Moscow, although in these times and low. He has not been completed and the 90 stands collapsed. There was some dark story associated as much with the Italian mafia, but the building is still a pity.

Garden Ring Street. Cow Val. No comments. Look at the end of the declared period of work and a picture of the current state. However, the guard said that the construction of the spring, probably, still continue.


Again, the Garden Ring, the angle Dolgorukovskaya. Official Address: Guns lane., 41. And again, our good signs "Don Story." Ambitious business center, "the last skyscraper in the center of Moscow." Two years in a coma. They write that the Savings Bank, has received as VTB, part of the assets "Don Story," is going to finish building. Meanwhile, the adjacent land along the Garden Ring - again a vast wasteland with stray dogs and homeless.


What are the implications? Rather, I would say, questions, and in the Prime Minister's favorite style: "Where's the money, Zin?"



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