Rare photos of celebrities

See more pictures of celebrities that have been made in the streets, when the photographer Igor Mukhin literally "catch" all these celebrities.

Viktor Tsoi, Moscow, 1986.

Boris Grebenshchikov, Leningrad, 1986.

"Aquarium", Leningrad, 1986.

Yuri Shevchuk, Moscow, 1987.

Yuri Shevchuk, Moscow, 2006.

Zemfira, 2001.

Garik Sukachev.

Spider, 1986.

Spider and Co., Moscow, 1986.

Konstantin Kinchev, Vilnius, 1988.

Ricochet, K. Kinchev and Fedorov (group "object of ridicule"), Leningrad, 1986.

Pyotr Mamonov, appartment, Moscow, 1985.

Pyotr Mamonov and Alexey, Moscow, 1990.

Alla Pugacheva, Moscow, 1990.

Ilya Lagutenko, Moscow, 2001.

Mukhin photographs not only musicians.

And in these pictures, he also creates an atmosphere of freedom and fate.

Tatyana Tolstaya, Moscow, 2001.

Pavel Lungin.

Vladimir Sorokin, Moscow region, in 2010.

Vladimir Sorokin, Moscow, 1995.

General Alexander Lebed, Moscow, 1995.



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