The Company and Dymovskiy piled fence at Putin's dacha

Major Dymovskiy a former investigator for particularly important cases, Andrey Zykov decided to restore law and justice - according to the law can not occupy the coastal strip of 20 m and access to it should be free! Many summer residents are unhappy that Putin's dacha near Lake Komsomol is a fence and partitions off the passage to the water.

Back in the 90s Putin hapnul appetizing Berezhok on the lake near St. Petersburg Komsomolsk then there formed cooperative "Lake", which tightened Khristenko, Yakunin and others. Cronies GDP
For many years, the local cooperative terrorziruet truckers and would not let them into the lake, people have to get round the fences, making a hook 2 km

it is clear that Putin's summer residence and his cronies occupies the entire shore of the lake

Troopers Dymovskiy came to the cooperative "Lake»
more than 10 years a simple decent human foot never stepped over the barrier!
although the road this state ...

indignant local gardeners have a large crowd gathered at the barrier
but do not dare to go further, and are arguing with the guards

Alexei Dymov with friends bravely overcomes this barrier and found in the cooperative "Lake»
delighted people all crowd followed them


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