The well at the dacha with his hands

You have bought a plot of land with a good strong house, but there is a problem with the water supply. The Central water supply system long ago failed, and water to the site have to be imported. How to solve the issue with a regular water supply and if at all possible to do something? To help solve the problem of the resettlement in the country of the well for drinking water. From the article, you will learn what to carry out to provide a suburban area good drinking water.

The determination of the place of drillingIn the first place is to meet the neighbors and find out how they solved the water issue. If they already have wells on plots, view their location. It is possible that neighbors are using imported water. In this case, you will need to study the layers of soil at the site. The research results are usually invested in the construction project. From the documents you will know the level of occurrence of the aquifer and surface flow of groundwater.

The next step is the determination of the place of drilling on the country. The easiest and most commonly used in the people search method water framework method or rod method. One has a stretched forward holding two curved metal wire. Trying not to change the location of the hand, moves on. In a place where is closest to the surface is an underground key, the wire will begin to spin and cross your fingers. After determining the drilling location, you must select the right kind of wells under water.

The correct choice of location, depth and materials of the wells in the country is the guarantor of access to clean drinking water in sufficient quantity.The types of wellsto the depth of the aquifer depends on the selection of the wells, the volume of drilling operations and drilling technology.


1 — waterproof the soil, 2 — water abstraction from perched, 3 — Bank, 4 — the well in the upper aquifer, 5 — waterproof soil, 6 first aquifer, 7 — artesian water, 8 — artesian well, 9 — sand well.

Abyssinian equip the well if the aquifer is at a depth of from 3 to 12 meters. Dig it can manually by two people. In people, this type of well is called the needle. The shallow depth of the water intake requires a particularly careful determination of the drilling site.

The location of the bore needle should be removed from a cesspool, septic tank, sewer pipes.One of the variants of the device wells may be drilling right into the basement under the house. In this case, to collect water will be easy even in the most severe frosts. The owners of cottages set on the well pump and manual column.


Sand well is used when the shallow aquifer is not more than 50 meters. The arrangement of such wells in the country will have to perform using special equipment. The name of the well suggests that water extracted from the sand aquifer. The quality of produced water can be different. You must do the analysis at station level to determine the suitability of water for drinking. After the drilling is lowered into the borehole pump with filter. It will have to periodically get to for cleaning.


Artesian well the deepest. Independently it is impossible to drill, so hired a team of specialists with a powerful rig. Reservoir carrying water lies at a depth of 50 m. the Greatest depth of wells is 200 m. If the neighbors have no wells of this type, make an order to drilling a pilot hole to determine the depth of the aquifer. In order to save money is to negotiate with neighbors in order to drill one well at a few houses. Water enough for all.

Which is better, well or borehole in the country and some of the presented types of suits you should identify yourself. If you don't plan the consumption of water in large volumes and on a plot of suitable ground, stop the choice on the well, the bore of the needle or sand. High water consumption can be achieved only by an artesian well.

Drilling wells in the country, the Experts use a special drilling device and to drill wells with their hands to prepare the winch, drill and a reliable tripod. As the drilling tool choose durable screws.

For the arrangement to purchase:

  • several types of pipes, different in diameter;
  • valves;
  • powerful deep pump;
  • good quality filter;
  • the caisson.

Stage # 1. In place of drilling to dig a hole with sides equal to 1.5 m and a depth of 1 m. inside Sheathing, plywood or boards. Stage 2. Set over the pit tripod and secure the winch. With structures consisting of connected by a single steel rod, raise and lower the drill. Lock rod clamp. The diameter of the hole depends on the used pumping equipment. The main requirement — the free movement of the pump in the pipe. Pump size should be 5 mm smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe.Self-drill well in giving better shock method. It is desirable to do together. One turns the rod using a gas key and the top partner hit it with a chisel. Remove and clean the Bur preferably every half-meter. During the passage the layers of the soil corer can be changed to ease the work and speed up the process. Clay soil is easier to place the spiral drill. Hard ground with gravel loosened a bit. For the sandy layer to use a drill spoon. Using jelonki raise the soil.

Stage # 3. The first sign of approaching aquifer is the appearance of wet rocks. Work to continue until the drill will not reach the confining layer.

The arrangement of wells at the cottage

Reaching the required level, proceed to the installation of wells for water in the country. Filter of good quality can be made with your own hands. This requires a casing pipe, perforated with filter grid. To assemble a filter column from a pipe, filter and sump t lower it into the well.

You must now prepare a mixture of coarse sand and fine gravel. Fill with mixture space between the pipe and the borehole wall. At the same time to pump inside the water to rinse the filter.

The build-up of the well to do by means of a screw centrifugal pump. To pump the water until it will not go to the surface with a clean, transparent. The pump is tied to a safety rope and lowered into the pipe. You can now connect the well at the cottage with running water in the house.

The model and capacity of the pump for the well depends on the size of the casing of hole depth and the distance. Surface pump used for shallow wells. For all other desired downhole submersible model.Expert advice
  • To know the groundwater level of the site.
  • For drilling shallow wells to a depth of 5 m to use a garden drill.
  • Mechanical drilling device it is better to rent.
  • Pipe-water line must not reach the bottom of the well to a maximum of 0.5 m.
  • Equip the ventilation holes on the pipe leading into the well.
  • After you run the well water to pay for examination.
Now you know how to drill a well at the cottage alone and make her lose. To provide your family with drinking water in the country under the force of each man. The main thing is not to fear and to enlist the support of family and friends. Without them to solve the problem of water supply very difficult. And how did you solved the problem with the water at their summer cottage? We are interested to know about your experience. Leave a comment to the article.

As well is being drilled (video)

The arrangement of the well water (video)



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