How to choose a good water filter at the cottage: a comparative review units

In the country rarely Central water, and the hole punch only those owners who visit the estate often. Those who uses a suburban area especially in the summer, usually digging their own pit or go to the nearest water column. In any case, the purity of water they need to follow themselves.

The easiest way is to buy a filter. It will insure against excessive salts will destroy the germs, clean up the iron and so the quality of the cleaning devices is different, and not all water filters in the country will establish. Some models operate from water pressure, and if there is no pipeline and a pump, which creates this pressure, the filter will not work. We understand, than it is most advantageous to filter the water in the cottages.

Electrohydrolic – trap for the naive gardeners

If you are "good people" will offer to check the quality of water from well or wells to pick the best filter, most likely it will be a trap. Quality control – it's up, and no one else voluntarily will not do it. Is that smart businessmen who want to sell you at exorbitant prices of some specific type of water filter. To convince the owners of the awful quality of the water, they conduct experiments, inserting in the liquid a special device. And instantly the glass begins to precipitate forms, there are some flakes, and the color becomes almost transparent brown. The view is awful!

Expensive filtering systems provide many levels of cleaning that may not need your water. That is why buying a filter is necessary based on accurate analyses

Then exactly tested the water brought for you filter. Of course, it remains transparent, otherwise you just don't buy expensive device.

And now about the main thing: the reaction that you showed in the glass — a common electrohydrolic. Ie, when using a liquid, having in its composition of salts and metals, skip the electric current, then all the components will begin to precipitate as sludge. Not only harmful, but also useful. But in ordinary water contains about 500 milligrams per liter of various mineral salts, thanks to which we quenching thirst. So this experience absolutely does not demonstrate the quality of your water, and only calculates if it salt. The most expensive filtered water systems all the salt loses, and therefore, no precipitate could not be formed at all.

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The example proves that you can pick up the filter you need by yourself, without anyone's advice, based on real, not simulated water analysis. You can do it in a special laboratory, and how to prepare the water, we already wrote in the article "Analysis and treatment of water from wells".

Having the results of the study, it is possible to determine the type of filtration system. If you consider all existing water filters, they can be divided by way of cleaning several types.

  • Some prefer mechanical cleaning, eliminating from the liquid sand, earth and particles of rust.
  • The second adsorb odors and dissolved substances from the water eliminating extraneous "aromas" and flavors.
  • Third – make the water softer by the reaction of ion exchange. It removes salts, which suffer a dishwasher and washing machine. Excess salt settles on the details of solid precipitate and leads to breakdowns.
  • The fourth fight specifically with the iron, removing its oxidative reactions.
  • Fifth an anti-bacterial cleaning.
  • And another one – save the water from all of the above comprehensively.
Now let's understand that any of the above can be used in country settings where there is no Central water supply.

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Membrane filter: why to give?

The easiest way of course to put a universal water filter for the house, which is struggling with all the pollution immediately. However, it costs more than other systems, and that it is offered by chance ran into the yard sales"chemists". Such models are referred to as a reverse osmosis filter or membrane, as all cleaning takes place thanks to a special membrane that has microscopic cells. Through them able to get only a molecule of water. Everything else remains on the other side of the membrane and leaves the dirty water in the sewer. The result is perfect and even sterile.

And yet, these systems for the cottages are rarely used. First, reverse osmosis filters pressure water pressure. And somewhere in the 4 day. Therefore, to the filtration unit you have to buy a powerful pump and make water. And already at the entrance to the house to put the filter system. And if you come to the country occasionally, is it worth to invest such funds in the installation, which is the most time of the year will be to stand?!

Second, during cleaning of the membrane filter passes through a huge amount of water. So you got 5 gallons of crystal clear drinking water, on the other side of the membrane will result in about 40 liters of dirty water. But she goes to your Autonomous system is a cesspool that requires pumping. Count how to increase the number of calls vacuum trucks, if you put a reverse osmosis.

And the last straw – the quality of treated water. Membrane washes away from fluid everything is included in its composition, in addition to H2O. Ie all the useful minerals also will be eliminated. Such water many doctors believe is dead because she doesn't even nourishes the person. That is why such filters, some manufacturers add a single element, which holds the mineralization of treated liquid, i.e., restores the mineral and salt balance. And this increases the cost of installation.

If you take water from a polluted source, then eliminate all the germs only reverse osmosis, but for wells and boreholes to buy the system easier

There are small membrane devices, which put under the sink, but again, they need water pressure.

Flow-through filters can overwork the pump

More compact filter that can be applied in the country, is running. It is of two types:

  • in the form of a nozzle you put on a faucet or attached to it;
  • stationary model, wrazenie in the pipeline under the sink in the kitchen.
And those and others are working under the pressure of water, respectively, the pipeline news will have. The difference is only in the degree of purification. The nozzle on the crane provide one or two - level filtration (mechanical + adsorption of harmful substances with the help of activated charcoal). Models that put under the sink, usually have three stages of purification.

In principle, manicured wells any of these filters abound. The details will be only, if your country water works pump. The filter nozzle on the crane significantly slow the movement of water. Per minute drip only a glass of water. The pump will experience additional load, then turning on, then off. And being a jerk shortens the lifespan of equipment.

Running the filter attachment is not very popular, as for washing dishes or hands it is necessary to Unscrew. Moreover, the speed of water treatment is low

Models under the sink more quickly the water is filtered, so don't bear to pump any threat. The problems begin when you have to change one of the cartridges, cleaning the activated carbon. If well water is not very clean, has impurities of sand and slurry, coal instantly clogged with them and becomes a breeding ground for germs. So change the cartridges often have (according to the manufacturer's instructions). A stationary system it is very difficult to understand.

The stationary filters placed under the sink, mixing with common water, but clean water flows through a separate tap. This option is more convenient nozzles

Filters-jugs – perfect

Oddly enough, but in suburban areas it is best proven pitcher-type filters. They don't need water, can travel with their owners in the car and most importantly – are equipped with different filter cartridges. You can choose a cartridge that would address the shortcomings of your well water without making it with distilled and empty.

However, one such device is able to clean about 300 gallons, and then we should change the cassette, but the service jug is very simple. It is easily assembled and disassembled. Of course, such a filter a lot of water at a time, not purified, because its volume is 1.5-3 liters. But for the needs of families or cooking of the soup is enough.

Pitcher-type filters are ideal for use in the cottages where the owners are only occasionally, and the water is taken from the public well or speakers

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase a Hiking filter, which is clocked using the adapter directly into the bottle with dirty water. But such a mechanical device only removes debris and organics, so you can drink the water only after boiling.

If the water in your well to meet sanitary standards, but during floods or heavy rainfall comes with sand, then water would be the most profitable prefilter. It is cut in the pipe just at the entrance to the cottage. This device does not cause discomfort to the pump, but eliminates fine dirt and sand from water.

A pre-filter is additionally fitted with a reducer that lowers the pressure, but in a country such spikes do not happen, so pay is not worth it.

Some vacationers do go shopping without plants. They prefer to create filters with your hands, using as adsorbents sand, gravel and coal. published


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