The evolution of filters for water purification. The technology of reverse osmosis

The comfort and coziness of your house depends on one important factor, which, unfortunately, most of us just don't think from the quality of the water you drink or use for cooking. A inertia believe that the fact that today runs from the tap is drinking water. But this is not so. Even in the most "advanced" Russian (and former Soviet) cities on clean water from the tap can only dream of. Out of the situation two is to buy bottled water or install a water filter.


But the second solved not all the arguments in this case are the following: "where are we putting these filters?" or "still water will be dirty, and expensive". The answer to the first argument lies in the plane of the subconscious — our people are remarkably inert and hardly rebuilt in a new way, even where it is necessary. This process takes many years. Yet gradually people are beginning to understand that clean water can and should be. And then — Oh, miracle! — need space for the filter itself materialized in the kitchen from nowhere.

In the 60-70-ies of the last century, America has become the birthplace of a new water purification technology. Technology is better, according to many experts, to date, nothing has been invented yet. During the "cold war" is of particular strategic importance was the submarines. To provide submariners during long dives water suitable for drinking, was invented the device itself is capable of producing from sea water. The basis of their work was taken such things in nature the phenomenon of osmotic pressure. That is, the water, approaching the obstacle existing in all living plants in the form of a membrane, is divided into two components — pure water and concentrated (in the vernacular, sucks.)

Pure water has only three atoms (remember its formula H2O?), plus the water molecule also has a very small physical size. Therefore "harmful" impurities, which, as a rule, have a larger size, can not penetrate through the membrane and remain on the same side, and the water penetrates to the other clean side.

This natural phenomenon gave the Americans the idea of creating a membrane element, which was named reverse osmosis, that is, they create an artificial pressure on the diaphragm and forcing the water molecules to squeeze through very small pores. This reverse osmotic membrane was obtained in result of radiation bombardment of a particular kind of sheets from polymers at the site of contact of these rays there were small holes in the tracks — the size of one ten-thousandth of a micron or one Angstrom.

Molecule water can pass through the little hole, and most of the chemical elements there! Including the ones that make the water hard. In the end, thanks to this invention appeared, first, the ability to make water from sea water, suitable for drinking, and secondly, it has been possible to purify any water from unwanted impurities, which has become ubiquitous and widely used.

First, the reverse osmosis technology was expensive, but in the 80-ies of the XX-th century it had already begun to apply in domestic systems. Today it is the only method of producing pure water. No, of course, you can get the pure water through distillation, but this process is lengthy and technologically complex, which means for practical use is not appropriate.

Speaking about this technology, it is necessary to mention that on her account today, there are two diametrically opposed opinions. The first is that water obtained by reverse osmosis is dead. Second opinion — this living water. Many professionals agree second opinion and ready to defend this position. For the reason that there is a simple and reasonable principles.

It is known that the main function of water in the human body is primarily shipping the different bodies of the chemical elements. So the water after the reverse osmosis is alive, it can easily absorb the necessary substances and them as well then give. But the dead water can be called just the water that brings the harmful substances to our body. Well, not "divided" with him useful.

For example, in tap water to clean not only add chlorine and aluminum. Probably many have noticed that in the spring or fall filtered water after boiling becomes slightly turbid, whitish, and so is the evidence of residual aluminum, which when heated, precipitates.

I must say that neither one of the cartridge filters, residual aluminium from the water is not removed, this problem can be solved only by the technology of reverse osmosis. Thus, by setting the apartment household reverse osmosis system can provide any family with pure and safe water, regardless of the quality of the incoming water.

One more thing. Many solve the problem of clean and safe water by using bottled water extracted from deep wells. But not everyone knows that drinking water can be considered only in case if it has all the parameters for all chemical elements of drinking tolerance. If there is an excess of the same calcium, salinity, boron, such water can only be certified as a medical-dining room.

If you want to drink this water, and whether it is completely safe for the body — everyone decides for himself.

And at the end of the story about the evolution of filters for water purification, I want to say that the reality today, unfortunately, is that most people are willing to buy a good iron, good TV for a comfortable life, but not willing to spend an amount of about 10 thousand rubles for the fact that they always have in the kitchen was water of the highest quality.

Not to us, we are not ready for the most weight to invest in this issue. Now, of course, the Outlook is beginning to change on this score, but very, very difficult until there is a process. published




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