Water filters fine and coarse filter: how it works?

The water coming into our home from the water main or from a well saturated with impurities. Here there are not only various chemicals but also pieces of rust or scale fragments of calcareous sediments on the walls of the pipeline and much more. In this state, the liquid is dangerous not only for human health but also for water meters and household appliances. To clean the filters.

To remove a fairly large insoluble fragments and abrasive particles has been successfully used equipment coarse. Fine cleaning device perform various functions. They release water from heavy metals, organic matter, various chemical elements of microorganisms and remove unpleasant odors. Therefore, to correctly select such a device, you must first test the water.

Filtration equipment strainer is available in two versions: a cartridge and a mesh. In the first case, the filter uses a replaceable cartridge, made in the form of glass, inside which is compressed fiber or tightly twisted polypropylene cord. Passing through it the liquid is cleaned and the particles of dirt deposited on the filter. Depending on the filler, filtration capacity of such devices may vary. In any case, after some time the cartridge gets clogged, it needs to change. Wash and re-use of the item is unacceptable.

Device net is more practical. It can be cleaned and use it long enough. The device is supplied with a grid, which during the passage through it of water, removes large impurities. The cell size of the mesh filter ranges from 50 to 400 µm, which enables the use of different degrees of purification. Another feature of the filters – the ability of self-cleaning. However, it is implemented only in the so-called direct devices to connect which requires a sufficiently large free space. For purification of such a filter will simply open the tap, and the accumulated dirt particles will be washed into the sewer. Slant strainers are mounted at an angle to the water pipe. They will be equipped with the auditing hatch, through which the cleaned of the cumulative camera. It is done manually once in three months. Perhaps more often. The frequency of carrying out maintenance works depends on the quality of water.

Equipment used for fine cleaning, different filter elements. It can be absorbents, for example, aluminum silicate or activated carbon. Used for this purpose ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membranes. All these fillers are stacked in a cartridge that require regular replacement. The manufacturer specifies how often have to do it. The lifetime of filter elements usually depends on the volume passed through water or from the time of their use.

You can find universal multi-component filters. They are a cartridge with different fillings. Most often in devices of this type are arranged filters of rough and thin clearing. At the top of the cartridge filter element is installed with mechanical cleaning, below the activated carbon, then fit the so-called filling KDF that removes heavy metals, iron, other dangerous items and kills bacteria. In the end the water is purified from harmful impurities, gets rid of unpleasant odors, the taste improves.

In addition to multi-component devices of the thin clearing often used special multi-stage system, which includes multiple filters. Standard construction includes three main stages of treatment. At first, the water removed from mechanical impurities. The second liquid is passed through a filter element made from ion exchange resins. Here it changes its chemical composition. Water gets rid of nitrates, chlorine compounds and iron, petroleum and other harmful substances. The third stage is the tertiary treatment with activated carbon, which removes odors and absorb remaining impurities. Trehletija such systems are usually installed in the kitchen.

The maximum degree of purification ensure the design working with reverse osmosis membranes. Innovative material allows only water molecules to larger particles it is impervious. Due to this property of the membrane, purifies the water almost perfectly, however, in the process of cleansing removes not only harmful, but useful impurities. Therefore, after such cleaning is recommended to restore electrolyte balance. This operation is performed with a special mineralizing cartridge. To the body better assimilate the purified water, it is passed also through the ionizing activator.

Filters with a reverse osmosis membrane typically includes five stages of cleaning. First the mechanical pre-treatment liquid. On the second it is passed through a cartridge filled with activated carbon. Here remove a variety of gases and chlorine compounds that destroy the membrane. In the third stage, water is freed from mechanical impurities larger than 1 µm, and then enters the thin-film membrane. At the last stage it is passed through a carbon post-filter. Fully purified water may additionally mineralsurfaces and activated, which are special cartridges.

Water filters are necessary in each house. However, you need to understand that to purify all incoming water to the level of drinking there is no need. For the normal functioning of appliances and counters would be sufficient to install the equipment coarse at sites of entry of water pipes. Water intended for drinking, of course, need to clean better. The filters in this case are selected individually, based on the results of laboratory tests. published



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