Station for biological treatment of sewage in the country

Station for biological treatment: description, principle of operationmost Often, the issue of withdrawal of polluted water and waste concerned residents of the private sector, gardeners, owners of country cottages, lodges, campsites. After all, not far from cities with an established system of sewers is necessary to think where to put and how to filter runoff. Here to the rescue come the station of biological purification of waste water. Working from the mains, they purify sewage wastes and assign them in any fitted for this place: ditch, field, etc.


Connection of the station of biological purification of the sewage of the house the Principle of operation of the station based on the micro-organisms originally located in the waste water. They have the ability to reproduce in special devices in the presence of favorable conditions. To work bacteria need air, which for this purpose is pumped to the treatment system. Under its action the microorganisms decompose sewage waste, resulting in formation of brown flakes – activated sludge. He is considered a good fertilizer, so to use the station in the suburban area is very appropriate.

Structures and methods for biological wastewater treatmentAccording to the types of microorganisms involved in the purification of sewage, release 2 method:

With the help of aerobic bacteria that need oxygen. With this method of cleaning uses biofilters and aerotanks that are more efficient. It is a result of their use formed activated sludge, which fertilize the gardens. With the help of anaerobic microbes that live without oxygen. They start the fermentation process and convert organic waste into methane and carbon dioxide. For this purpose bio-gas digesters. Anaerobic method requires a smaller amount of additionally there is no aeration (air saturation). Methods of purification of contaminated waters using aerobic microorganisms are divided by type of vessel where the oxidized waste water:

  • bioprod;
  • field filtration;
  • a biofilter.

The aerotank Use the first two buildings has the features:

  • seasonality – they only work warm time of the year;
  • a relatively small capacity;
  • the need to use large areas of land.
The stages of biological treatment. Installation of the stationthe Station is a container which is divided into several compartments. The first of these is mechanical purification of water from solid waste and accumulation of sediment. Periodically it should be removed. Further, depending on design features, it's a little purified water is poured or the secondary sedimentation tank (metatenk or anaerobic chamber) or compartment of bioremediation. In this further process occurs by means of a biofilter or aeration tank.

Attention! The degree of purification of the water in the aeration tank is better than within the device filter. In addition, such stations do not require additional insulation. But the biofilter is more convenient in operation, in particular, Autonomous in terms of electricity.The station fits into the design of virtually any garden because it can:

  • install underground;
  • to deepen halfway (if groundwater are close to the surface)
  • to put on the land (useful for devices that do not work year-round, but only in the warm season).

The scheme of installation of station Assembly stations is best left to professionals, because the cost of failure during installation can be very significant. For example, a well-set structure is not the source of the odor as completely sealed. In addition, due to incorrect installation of expensive parts gradually fail.

The pros and cons of biological treatment plant. Owner reviewsthe Advantages of stations:

  • high environmental friendliness;
  • ease of use;
  • durability, since there are no metal parts;
  • versatility – suitable for any soil;
  • compact;
  • high performance;
  • maintenance rarely occurs.

Autonomous Sewerage for definedosdevice devices biological treatment:

  • the high price of the system itself, as well as the expensive costs of a service;
  • restrictions on use – pour substances containing chlorine is not recommended;
  • the need to constantly use the station, since a long time, the microorganisms are killed.
However, the latter disadvantage disappears if you pick up the device, for example, with the system samoochishchenija activated sludge.

Owner reviews indicate that with proper installation and operation of the plant, no problem: filters are not clogged, does not diverge seam on the body, do not break the details. In addition, account should be taken of such observations of those who managed to try out the device on your site:


It is very important to carry out the installation, Despite the lack of recommendations from manufacturers, some times it is better to insulate. Waste of some vegetables, for example, mushrooms or tomatoes, it is better not discharge into drains: they are not recycled. Drains bathtubs or showers, and sinks should be equipped with special nets, which hold the hair, otherwise the filters are quickly clogged. Drain from washing machines and dishwashers need to arrange separately because harsh detergents can destroy the microorganisms. Council. The greatest efficiency – the degree of purification up to 98% – system provides three - or four-stage processing. Such indicator is characteristic only for stations. More simple devices, septic tank filters, have the figure at 65%. Keep this in mind when deciding to build a bio-drainage on the site.The biological treatment plant: videoSUBSCRIBE to OUR youtube channel that allows you to watch online, download from YouTube free video about the recovery, the rejuvenation of man. Love for others and ourselves, as the feeling of high vibrations — an important factor for improvement .

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