How to calculate a sewer in private house and apartment

High-quality sanitation – the key to keeping your nerves, effort and money. Properly installed drainage is characterized by the absence of frequent blockages and helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. This is achieved not only through correct installation, but also through the use of suitable pipes.

So for quality and reliable connections it is best to use non-flared cast iron pipe sml (for example). They will provide long-lasting protection, because it is fully comply with European standards.

The calculation of the optimal okanawa order to avoid stagnation it is necessary to accurately calculate the slope of the sewer.

Only how to calculate it correctly? This can be done using 2 methods:

1. Bezrabotnyi method

Using this method you take the values that encourages SNiP. Depending on the pipe diameter, use the following slope values:

  • d=40-50 mm – 0,03;
  • d=85-100 mm – 0,02;
  • d=150 mm – 0,008;
  • d=200 mm – 0,007.
Thus, to calculate the total bias should the value of the slope multiplied by the length of the sewer.

2. Calculation method

Involves calculation of the gradient by the formula: V * √H/d ≧ K, where:

  • V, m/s – the speed of self-purification, which should not be less than 70 cm/s;
  • H – optimal filling with sewage, the value of which should be not more than 0,6;
  • d is the tube diameter;
  • K is a coefficient which depends on pipe material. So for tubes of glass and plastic it is 0.5, for any other – 0,6.

Sewerage for private homesto calculate the Sewerage in the private house you must choose the right elements of the system:

To calculate the diameter of a sewer pipe. It depends on the purpose of pipes, whether they are for external or internal consumption, as well as their use in the sewer system. To calculate the capacity of the pump. When choosing a pump also need to consider its primary function. This could be either pumping dirty water with content of solid additions, or pumping of faeces with a high content of viscous waste. To calculate the storm drain. A unified system like this there is no sewage system, it all depends on the size and characteristics of the territory. Importantly, stormwater collected and displayed the rainwater in a special place of its accumulation. Calculate the loss in systems. It all depends on how you will use the water. Will enable multiple outputs, and in what range from each other they are located. To calculate the volume of sewage for the house necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the serviced plot.

Sewerage for the apartmentto Calculate drains in the apartment much easier than at home, because the peculiarity of its design – it is semitechnical movement of water from points of demand to the standpipe.

The angle of inclination defined by the building regulations and calculation of degree of straightness of the plots will help to calculate the volume of capacity for sewage in the apartment.

In order to calculate the sewer pipe will need to perform the conditions in which the pipe can be accommodated, taking into account the exit point of the water. It is worth considering that the pipe needs to be easy access, because in the event of blockages will require cleaning. But often in apartment buildings the sewer is designed with a self-cleaning condition.

To calculate the volume of sewage will not be difficult if you correctly take into account all the nuances, make the project in the form of a scheme and visually examine the installation methods.

Qualitatively established the presence of sewage, regardless of location, whether it is a private house or apartment, will create comfortable conditions for living that can not provide her absence.



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