Seth Godin: Cheapness — the last refuge of a marketer

Marketing guru explains why competing on price is bad and pointless

A race to the bottom — a harsh lesson, and has no end.

I ordered for a party straw hats. The vendor sent them in a plastic bag, without box because it was cheaper. Of course, they arrived in a crushed form, and from them was not any good.

I wrote an email to support the company, but received only an automated response, because it is cheaper.

And they don't answer the phone... you guessed it, because it is cheaper.


Of course, everyone has to compete. But large companies that are winning in the price war, achieve victory, not because they are canceled customer service and common sense.

They win because have achieved a lot in terms of organization processes and due to the large scale. You are such benefits available.

Many companies start to panic when someone undermines the foundations of their pricing. And then they become only a pale shadow of those companies that they once were.

When you decide to become cheap and standard, all the decisions you took to stand out from the crowd, sacrificed in your pursuit of cheapness.

Cheapness — the last refuge of a marketer who can't figure out how to be better.


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The alternative is to be worthy, notable, reliable. To be good neighbors, to be good citizens, to be at the forefront.

To be someone comfortable, someone you trust, someone funny, someone easy, anything, just not "cheaper at any cost".published


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