How to choose a filter for water purification in a country house?

People who want to have as a permanent place of residence is not a city apartment, a country house in years, not less. This is understandable: the closeness to nature, the lack of neighbors of pros actually quite a lot. But making a choice in favor of life in a private house, many owners don't realize the water supply issue, or rather considered sufficient to solve the digging of the well or drilling of a well.




Meanwhile, the water extracted from the ground thus often contain excessive amounts of various substances. Therefore, to make the water safe — not only for human health but also for existing home appliances, you need to think about installing in home water filters.

To begin with, that will dispel the belief of many that the water extracted from the ground through wells or surface water, which is produced by the owners of country real estate of wells, is the most clean and useful.

This is not the case — as already mentioned, this water may contain various impurities, to be tough. So the water filter thing in a country house as necessary as in a city apartment. Of course, if you care about their health and their household.

By the way, the filter need not only human but also equipment, and pipes of heating, water supply. For example, heating systems suffer primarily from hardness salts contained in the water (this is what is popularly known as limescale). It is because of hard water often fail the heating elements in the washing machine, water heaters and so on. That is, if removed from the water hardness salts, the service life of all heating equipment — boilers, radiators, washing machines, dishwashers, heaters will be much longer.

Another visible advantage of the softening of water — no unsightly limescale on the taps in the shower, on the tiles. And a notable plus — saving on washing detergents. Softened water requires, in particular, less washing powder and shampoo to wash it. In General, the filter is in a country house not only need to purify water for drinking, but also to the equipment to protect.

As for the question at what stage of building a house should think about installing a house water filter, then this must be done at the stage of designing of engineering systems, and then to revisit the issue before finishing the interior.

As a rule, the main cleaning filter is placed at the entrance to the building (on the feed water line). It removes large debris and removes water from hardness salts and iron. This water is suitable for technical purposes, but not suitable for drinking. So the kitchen set the filter fine purification that removes liquid from heavy metals and harmful substances, like the boron.


Now, which filter to choose. Most suitable for a country house most often are the filters based on the methods of industrial cleaning, that is, tanks with different downloads: sorption, catalytic, ion exchange and others. The selection of downloads is based on the performance analysis and customer requirements.

All drinking filters that are installed under the sink, divided into two main classes: flow and the membrane. The flowing water removes only coarse dirt particles, chlorine, improve its color and smell, but the chemistry of the water and salt composition, such filters do not change. The best, according to many specialists, the filter variant under the sink is a reverse osmosis, as installed there the membrane filters water at the molecular level, not leaving in it any harmful substances.

In order to choose the right water purification system do its analysis and will consult a specialist. He will advise you which filter is right for your case. After all, problems at all different: someone- rigidity of the hydrogen sulfide, someone and something, and another, and third. That is, here as well as on reception at the doctor. To know the state of the patient, the doctor instructs him to pass the examination, pass the tests. And then, having the results of the study, the specialist prescribes treatment.


If we talk about some of the filters is better to refuse, then we must abandon the filters of questionable brands that offered all-in-one and for cheap. In addition it is not recommended to try to clear the water from the wells of home main filters. This can be a waste of money, as all the household filters are designed for the prepared tap water. Such equipment can not cope with the parameters exceeding the norms SanPiN.

Another point at which to stop. Filters, which were discussed above, suggest that man lives in a private house constantly and uses them constantly. But what if staying at a country house or cottage is of a temporary nature? As practice shows, the cottagers about the treatment of water extracted from the well or from a well, think about it very rarely. And to solve, by the way, this question is quite problematic. The fact that in winter operate water purification systems will not work because the water in the pipes can not leave — in sub-zero temperatures it freezes and the pipe breaks. You can solve this issue in the summer. That is, buy a filter to install it to use in summer and in winter, drain the entire water system to conserve. And spring again to run.


Tips for choosing filters for a country house and operational1. Do not hesitate to contact the professionals who will give full advice on the rationality of the use of certain filters. The experience of friends and tips from the Internet are not always able to help. There are many cases when a person without consulting with a specialist, bought filter, installed it, and the result was zero cleanup.

2. The main advice for the operation of the filters — do not forget about them. Just like any technology, they require maintenance. There is no way that you install the filter and safely forget about it. All filters need maintenance. Some require minimum maintenance, for example, replace the cartridge once a year, some need more care, for example, reagents of some kind is necessary to fill up weekly or monthly. So the data specialists after the filter installation recommendations for the service must be respected.


In General, remember these tips when you conceive the question of water treatment in his country house to decide. published


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