Management 'A' and its martial axiom (13 photos)

SPC FSB Department "A" is better known as Alpha Group. The main objective of the group are police operations to prevent acts of terrorism and hostage rescue. But they are attracted to other operations. And then see the basic axioms of the unit.


1. Sweat saves blood 2. Scope of the biceps to the speed of a bullet does not affect 3. pistol - only a working tool, a weapon - you yourself 4. results in a normal battle need not weapons, and the head of the employee 5. The main value of antiterrorist unit - it's instructors. (Signed: Instructors) 6. If in the selection mistake, learning does not make sense 7. equipment as in life, - no price. 8. The winner is not the one who shoots first, and the one who gets the first 9. The gaps in fire training assessment "unsatisfactory" in a fight the enemy puts a bullet 10. Weapons - not a source of increased danger, as your friend and a work tool 11. Best a weapon that works with 12. Your skills - the best fuse 13. Level Arrow - his worst shot 14. Best gun - a machine gun 15 is necessary in order to reach your machine that did not have anywhere to leave 16. Main Preparation Tool antiterrorist unit - a realistic professional training 17. Darkness - each trained worker 18. Are you afraid to use weapons in a crowd? Get up on skis! 19. Errors can be corrected in the tactics of rapid and accurate shooting, shooting mistakes can not be corrected by anything 20. Be professional in battle, let the enemy hero dies

21. The power of special forces not in the muscles and in the brain 22. Destroy the enemy - the craft and get to shoot - the art of 23. All the commandos were killed in the shooting touch, but not in the melee 24. If you are in contact with the shooting came to change the store means before you are too many missed 25. No one has yet managed to miss fast enough to win 26. The main means of fighting terrorists - is a weapon. The rest is secondary 27. Effective fire - accurate fire 28. Nothing can replace the fast and accurate shot 29. TEST: Night, a distance of 15 m. The goal - the head of the terrorist. Hostage - your child. (Answer: Yes - employee / No - athlete-gap) 30. Employee antiterrorist unit - the owner of each his shot 31. Treat every shot as the only 32. You missed? Welcome! (Signed Military Prosecutor) 33. luck reinforce bad tactics 34. The main quality of an employee - the ability to make an informed decision and to make a quick and accurate shot in any situation and at any distance of doing the actual fire 35. What is your shot - is re-shot 36. The anti-terror unit - the highest professional specialization special purpose units 37. No need to quickly disassemble the weapon, you need to quickly shoot it 38. Mental watch - a balance of accuracy and speed of 39. Worse slip can only be a slow bloomer 40. It makes no sense to shoot faster than you can get 41. Nothing is more inspiring is the fact that you did not get shot, and 42. It is better one time to get out of the PM than twice miss Glock 43. The course of shooting the coffin employee not pribesh 44. Money, Information and cartridges not much happens 45. If the bully at a distance of 10 meters at a time to get to one knee by a bullet 5, 45 mm, and in another 7, 62 mm, then he will not notice the difference 46. Win and survive to win again 47. SWAT - quality, not the number 48. Effective counterterrorism unit can not be created on command - takes decades 49. People 50. The employee is more important than technology - weapons - equipment - personal protective equipment and Communication - equivalent elements of combat kit 51. In the melee, winning the one who has more ammo 52. You are superior to all the uninitiated, perfection, to be among the first to know 53. By sending soldiers to war unprepared, we betray them (Confucius) 54. Military science requires courage and presence of mind, talent, enduring genius, relentless study and absorb the experience of all areas military affairs (Marshal of France Sebastien de Vauban)

And as a bonus shots from the calendar of the Office of the "A" SPC FSB of Russia for 2013


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