Stone Monument (3 photos)

One blogger plunged into the history of the Bronze Age, and told about the amazing monuments of the century.

In the middle Bronze Age, 1000 BC, the number of bronze objects in the Baltic region has increased dramatically. Raw materials arrive in Scandinavia from the south. But who will distribute this new material? Where suppliers from the south met with buyers from the north? Archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg, seems to have found an answer. Since at the same time that there is an increase in the number of objects from the Bronze Age, people began to build a new kind of monuments - the so-called "stone ships».

Archaeologists led by Joachim Welin suggest that these "stone ship" were built just for those sailors who transported the bronze. It was their markets. "One of the reasons why science has paid so little attention to the market places of the Bronze Age, is that no one knows where they are. In contrast to the markets of the Vikings, who just found so much as received archaeological material, "- explains Welin.

Until now, scientists believed "stone ships' graves. However, Velin indicates that not all were really buried the dead. But all "ships" are in places that were very favorable to trade. They are mainly located on the Big Island.



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