Magic Stones. Selecting and setting your stone.

Guidance and advice on the correct choice of stone:
1. You need a bright sparkling mineral. Should beware of dull stones chipped - they bring misfortune. If you do damage your stone, then replace it with another - a whole.
2. Your stone shall be a square or a circle, because it is a universal form. Triangular stones, which are the symbol of fire, will benefit only to people whose elements are Earth and Fire.
3. Choose a sturdy stone - a durable mineral charge will be more positive energy.
4. It is necessary to choose a mineral medium size. Excessive stone can destroy the value of love, too little gem will not have enough stamina.
5. Use only stands the stone that you like. You should feel a special communion with the mineral. Liked it immediately and have your stone. But when you see a beautiful mineral but is there any good feelings, do not touch it.
Eliafas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant. French occultist tarolog) argued that the stones and the people have a mystical relationship. To strengthen this relationship, he suggested that "breathe ether through the stone." To do this, put a stone on the palm and behold, imagining that he was enveloped in invisible ether. Pour the air in your own body, hold for a few seconds and pour back into the stone. Thus, according to Levy, there is an exchange of information between a person and a mineral. Stone begins to understand its owner, its needs, anxiety, desires and aspirations. Man, however, can by such manipulation is not only to become spiritually perfect, but also cure many diseases. One type of stone settings on the human biofield is meditation, which is as follows.
Exercise 1
Sit up straight, his left hand to take the stone, close your eyes and visualize the aura stone. Think of that aura stone is beautiful, unique, exquisite. If after a while you feel the tingling in his hand, which squeezed the stone, then he heard you and is ready for dialogue. But do not rush to start to talk to him. Stones slow and thorough. They need time to decide to serve its owner IPT not. Astrologers say that this exercise should be done every day for at least 10 days. When contact with the stone will occur after 2-3 minutes, you can proceed to the next step.
Exercise 2
Do exercise 1. Lie on your back. Relax and put a stone on the heart. Visualize gem and hold the image before the end of the exercise. Remember the happiest moment of my life and try to awaken the feelings that you felt back then. Exercise should last 5-7 minutes. As a rule, the stone takes over a person's emotions in 2-5 sessions. If he took her hand in stone, you suddenly experience the feeling which showed him, you can start the third exercise.
Exercise 3
Consistently do the previous exercises. Stone moved from the heart to the forehead, in the place of so-called "third eye". Now you need to relax and begin to receive signals from the stone. If your mind's eye appear gold, lilac or pink glow, it can be assumed that the setting of the stone on your biofield place. If at the time of this exercise, you will experience discomfort, the session should be stopped immediately.
Experts say that if the setting has not occurred within 10 days from the stone should get rid of. By establishing contact and do not think that the job is done once and for all. In order not to lose touch with the stone, these exercises should be done every six months. In addition to the resumption of contact for the stones to care: at least 2 times a week to keep it under running water, some "to walk" to charge the solar or lunar energy and so on.


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