The three modes of material nature

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According to Vedic cosmology we live in the age of Kali Yuga — the dark age, also called the age of strife. This is the winter of humankind — a time of universal spiritual degradation and moral decay. However, despite gloomy predictions ancient predictions, I see that the Golden age begins now. The fact that the Golden age begins in the soul of every man, so no need to postpone its development for hundreds of thousands of years before the onset of a favorable period. Don't know about You, but I am very pleased with this prospect! And I am happy to see that more and more people strive to bring themselves to the Golden age, making a conscious choice in favour of the development, light and knowledge. In this post we'll talk about the criteria of a transition in the mode of goodness.

According to Vedic cosmology we live in the age of Kali Yuga — the dark age, also called the age of strife. On a cosmic scale, he has begun only recently (several thousand years ago) and will last hundreds of thousands of years. This is the winter of humankind — a time of universal spiritual degradation and moral decay. People are very bad quality, their courage, intelligence and strength are weakening. When evil and violence reached its climax, the world will be destroyed and re-created. So will end the dark age and the start of the spring of mankind — Satya Yuga, the Golden age is a time of knowledge and wisdom.

However, despite gloomy predictions ancient predictions, I see that the Golden age begins now. The fact that the Golden age begins in the soul of every man, so no need to postpone its development for hundreds of thousands of years before the onset of a favorable period. Moreover, they say that it is in our dark age the person can develop very quickly, as the results of our actions emerge much faster than in any other, even more bright time.

Don't know about You, but I am very pleased with this prospect! And I am happy to see that more and more people strive to bring themselves to the Golden age, making a conscious choice in favour of the development, light and knowledge.

You have probably already heard about the three modes of material nature? According to the Vedic knowledge of the material nature has three qualities (Sanskrit — guna). These qualities — Tamas (ignorance), rajas (passion) and sattva (goodness). All material life is woven of these qualities.

Yes, our life too! Being born in this material world, we are forced to obey the laws of material nature.

Every person has all three gunas and they are constantly fighting each other for supremacy. When one wins the Gong, the other two weaken its influence.This fight is happening around us, in nature, but the main arena of this battle becomes our mind.

Thus, the "dark age" just means that in the lives of most people are dominated by the modes of passion and ignorance. And the onset of a Golden age means that the life of a person begins to dominate the mode of goodness.

A gradual transition in the mode of goodness is exactly the process I see the last years of his life and the lives of many friends and acquaintances. Perhaps, right now this transformation takes place in Your life. Based on my observations, I have identified a number of criteria by which to determine what is in a person's life has been a transition in the mode of goodness.

But before turning to these criteria, let's take a closer look at what means the impact of each of the three modes in relation to a person's life.

Tamas (ignorance)

"The mode of darkness, born of ignorance, keeps all embodied beings in the illusion. Its influence is manifested in the form of madness, laziness and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.»

"Once under the predominant influence of the mode of ignorance, darkness, is sleepy, loses his mind and becomes a victim of the illusion."- Bhagavad Gita

Tamas manifests itself in laziness, inertia, stupidity and ignorance.

Tamas is the opposite of sattva guna. Tamasine people are ignorant, lazy and apathetic. These people go with the flow, not thinking about the meaning of his life. They deeply care about spiritual development. Strain they do not like, but is prone to excessive sleep and overeating. All their thoughts about food, drink, sex and idle entertainment. Tematichnyh people have the energy to zero, they suffer from chronic fatigue, constantly depressed, are depressed. To be on the negative, this is a normal state of consciousness, they are irritable and angry, love to whine and complain. They absolutely do not care about your health, destroying his bad habits and unclean tamasine food (see below). The typical diet is chips, Cola, beer, McDonald's, coffee. Their work brings benefits to them or to others. Often it's a boring and pointless job. The money earned in ignorance, ignorance being spent on casinos, booze, sex, entertainment, intoxication

Each mode corresponds to different food. In this post I won't describe the meals, list the representative products for each mode.

Tamasika food - anything that dulls the mind: junk food, all greasy, over-fried, overcooked, stale, canned, meat, fish, eggs, all intoxicants, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, onions and garlic. The use of these products clouds the mind, closing it from knowledge, and makes a person lethargic, passive and helpless.

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As you can see, the description tomasiceva man sounds pretty grim. Of course, the type tomasiceva the person who I described above, this is an extreme case, when Tamas completely controls a person's life.

If You are interested in similar articles, that, at least, the influence of Tamas in Your life may not be predominant.

Rajas (passion)

"The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, so it binds the embodied living entity is bound to material fruitive activities.»

"The rising influence of the mode of passion, he discovers signs of a strong affection and immersed in making money, making excessive efforts to achieve their goals and takes insatiable lust and insatiable thirst for pleasures."-Bhagavad Gita

Rajas is the energy activities, passions, ambitions. It often dominates the inhabitants of large cities. Radiaciones people appreciate pretizh, strength, power, and authority. He is full of ambition, lust and thirst of wealth and its efforts aimed at achieving these desires. However, he is never fully satisfied with what they have — increasing appetites of the man forced him to continue his irrepressible activity. Mind rajasinha person enslaved by strong desire to enjoy worldly things and sexual relationship, such people are greedy, greedy and lustful, they tend to make a lot of different actions, their mind does not rest.

Radiaciones people can't see the truth, because he is obsessed with ego gratification. He demand recognition of its exclusiveness, aspires to be the richest, most influential and famous. Until the man wants it, he is forced to work hard. The money earned in passion, and passion is spent on — things that emphasize status, designer clothes, seducing women, extravagant, fancy, expensive cars, the hunt for impressions.


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The people of this guna prefer rajasinha food is everything that ignites passion and stirs the mind. Very sharp, very hot, salty, bitter or sour food, restaurant delights, most of the delicacies, coffee and tea, energy, sugar and salt, and most spices. Such food excites the consciousness of man, turns him on in the fight and the aggression and desire of feverish activity. Many businessmen and politicians — the example of the predominance of rajas in a person's life.

Sattva (goodness)

"The mode of goodness, which is cleaner than other modes, enlightens the living entity, and it frees one from all sinful reactions. Those situated in that mode become conditioned to knowledge and happiness."-Bhagavad Gita

Sattva is joy, lightness, kindness, serenity. Sattvic people do not pursue sensual pleasures, not prone to depression and anxiety, rarely get sick. They are cheerful, optimistic, open-minded, committed to spiritual development, harmony, to the attainment of peace and tranquility. Such people are free from selfishness, and therefore capable of seeing things impartially and understand the knowledge. Their minds are not enslaved to material desires, so they seek not the accumulation of wealth. They are not lazy, but work moderately as much as necessary to live a decent standard of living. Free time they devote to work and self-development. Their life and it benefits them and others.

Sattvic food is fruits, vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, honey, milk and dairy products. Such food does not pollute the consciousness and gives strength, light and exalted state. This is the preferred nutrition for all those involved in spiritual development.

Our task as sentient beings is to strive to be in the mode of goodness. In fact, this is precisely the mode in which we should all live by default. But in the court of the dark age…

It is important to understand that goodness is not an endpoint in human development. The fact that, like Tamas with rajas, the guna of goodness belong to the material world. The trap of the mode of goodness is that in this mode is very good and comfortable to live. Too good to dare to go even further. Sattva — it's a cage with Golden bars. We are eternal souls, so life in the corporeal realm can never give us complete satisfaction, even if it is in the mode of goodness.

Life in the mode of goodness does not mean spiritual life and frees man from suffering. Nevertheless, we should strive to live in goodness, because of the mode of goodness we can rise above — in the spiritual world. It is impossible to get in touch with the spiritual dimension of being in passion or ignorance. Sattva is the boundary zone between the material and spiritual world. This is the runway from which to soar into the spiritual realm.

Criteria of transition to the mode of goodness

Now let's look at a few criteria by which to determine what in Your life has been a transition in the mode of goodness:

1. You are more and more starting to appreciate my sober state is Your natural pure consciousness. Offer him something to change (speed up, slow down, to raise, to expand, etc.) no longer seems so attractive.

2. If You've consumed alcohol, You notice that this brings You no joy. Some time (several months) by the inertia of old habits You can drink, but every time after that You regret it. Alcohol less You associate with some positive events and emotions (festival, celebration of success, a romantic dinner, etc.). Gradually, but inevitably You come to a complete abstinence from alcohol.

3. You quit Smoking (like cigarettes and psychological substitutes — hookahs, electronic cigarettes, nicotine gums, snuff, etc.)

4. You start to think about what You eat. Pay attention to how a particular product affects Your body and mind. Your nutrition is becoming more and more sattvic. You have become a vegan or on the way to it, phasing out products that drag You down.

5. In the first place in Your priorities out of spiritual development, creative self-realization and creating value for society. You become an interesting spiritual practice — yoga, qigong, martial arts, meditation, prayer, mantra.

6. You are not all the same as what You do for a living. To work solely for money does not bring You satisfaction and less cling to the selfish goal to earn 100 million dollars, become a celebrity, to the praise of the head, etc. In your case You aspire to professional development, self-realization, the disclosure of its creative potential. For You it is important that Your business has to serve the people and not only You and Your family. You take the husk of social stereotypes and start to think about your purpose, about what You really want to do in life and what to leave behind.

7. Politics and news interest You less. You are no longer watching TV, don't read the tabloids, comply with strict information diet — letting in only the information that You need, not the one which You're trying to feed.

8. You strive to minimize the negativity in my life. You realize that the external world is a reflection of Your internal state, and therefore strive to maintain its internal state in a positive range — as often as possible to be in a state of joy, happiness, goodness and gratitude, You attract negative States — depression, sadness, depression, resentment, envy, position "nobody understands me". You don't "feed" on negativity (fights and conflicts) in a relationship with a partner, loved ones, colleagues and society.

9. You less attracted to an idle distraction, is not conducive to Your development — going to the movies and dining out, shopping, gossip, "hanging" at SOC. networks and Dating sites, meeting of inertia with people You are close — classmates, classmates, former colleagues. You realize that time and attention is a limited and very valuable resource and You are ready to spend them in vain.

10. Changing your social circle. People in ignorance combines negative — discussion of gossip and complaints about life. People unite in the passion of pleasure, such communication is characteristic of bragging, competition, flattery, and mutual benefit. In the goodness of people United by a desire for knowledge and development, this communication built on mutual respect and cooperation. People of ignorance and passion are gradually leaving Your life — to them You are not interested to communicate, and You with them, common themes are becoming less. In return You'll meet new friends — those for whom the Golden age is coming now.

11. You cease to whine and complain, refuse to play the role of victim. You take responsibility for all aspects of your life — health, body, soul, finances, business, self-realization, relationships, sex, travel, etc. You realize that everything in Your life depends on You.

12. You start listening to blissful music. In Your heart, and do not resonate the longing of Russian rock, the anger of rap, the primitive chanson and pop, stultifying consciousness bits of electronics. You gravitate to music that is configured on a higher wave, written from the state of love and goodness, such as music Deva Premal, Prem Joshua, Manish Vyas and many other great performers. The same rethinking and reconfiguration happen with films, books, events You attend.

13. You cease to fear change and to cling to the illusory stability — increasingly, the choice between fear and freedom You choose the latter.


Author: Igor Budnikov



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