Sports etiquette: 11 rules of conduct in the yoga Studio

Yoga, as a rule, keep a good balance, but even the most persistent can also be deduced by the behavior of newcomers on a nearby rug.

Co-owner and founder NYMYoga LivingVega Max Kushner analyzed the typical mistakes that can spoil the mood of you and others, and made a list of rules of conduct in the Studio.1. Take a shower before practice.

Dechen Thurman, the son of Robert Thurman, brother of uma Thurman and teacher of jivamukti yoga, one of Moscow seminars once said that sweat is oil and gold going on. In this joke there is a grain of truth: the dynamic practice of yoga makes our body very intensive and sweating during practice – naturally. But try to take a shower before class after a busy day. Drops of sweat on the Mat after hour viñas is really your oil and gold, but the smell everyday work will disturb others. The air in the Studio during the class gets hot, because any annoying odours occur.

2. Refrain from eating sharp food, as well as from drawing on body perfume and aromatic oils.What hearty meal before any activity, whether it be fitness or yoga, will bother you – probably not news: the digestion of a mutiny. But even a light vegan sandwich with garlic and onions immediately before practice will bring a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. Fresh and easy breath during the class you will provide the basic rules: the last meal two hours before practice, and if this is not possible, eat something light, but no sharp foods, spices and seasonings with strong odors. To smell during the practice of the flavors is not: people have different perception of smells, and the one that you like, can distract the other person.

3. Follow the pedicure.

In yoga we are barefoot and often close the nose to the soles of the neighbor that is quite experienced intimate experiences during class. Enough that his feet were careful not to distract the neighbors from the practice of meditation, not did this person last six months wandering along the banks of Varanasi.

4. Practice tolerance.

The unwillingness to move your Mat when in the Studio, little space – a typical history not only in Russia but throughout the world. Come early to stake out the best spot for themselves and friend and protect it until the last drop of sweat! But the fun starts when the newbie doesn't want a millimeter to move your Mat to newcomers and unfriendly looks in their direction. Of course, you came early, paid for the lesson and can afford it. With this logic it is better to do at home. But in the Studio, do not forget that you are not the only give place and others like you who came to practice yoga. Your neighbors with whom you will spend the next two hours and learn something important together with you is not in vain. Space always gives those people close to who we are for a purpose. Maybe even to foster tolerance and acceptance.

5. Turn off your cell.Callers or even a loudly vibrating phone is a waste of precious time and attention from themselves. You do not allow yourself to relax and fully involved in the lesson. Well earned two hours of intense practice relaxation is lost and you, and others.Do not put your phone on vibrate, just turn it off before you practice or put in airplane mode. For two hours you're in flight on the way to yourself.

6. Keep quiet and quietly as possible.

In the gym talking loudly, exchanging remarks with the coaches and neighbors in the hall is the norm. But in yoga studios it is better to be quiet. It's still a space for relaxation of the mind and meditation. When you enter a room even before class, if possible, avoid loud noises of welcome. Calmly you can talk before and after class, but to disturb the lines of the neighbors during practice is not worth it at allduring practice to concentrate better on the sensations.

7. Come on time and not leave early.If possible, do not be late to class. In many studios practice starts with meditation, and if you enter a lesson, you will break the focus and concentration from all those present. Try to have time to go into the hall for 5-10 minutes before class to quietly tune in to the practice and spread out your Mat. Don't leave before Savasana (the Corpse pose ends every yoga class) or during it, but if you really don't have time for a full lesson, and you need to hurry to a meeting, notify your teacher in advance so as not to offend him with his sudden departure. Make your own quick version of the Shavasana and quietly leave the class. To lay down your Mat and put the phone in a bag rather outside the hall so as not to disturb the relaxation of the neighbors on the Mat.

8. Not paybacktime with the teacher.

"A hug" before and after practice, joint trip to a yoga retreat at sea, likes on Facebook and Instagram and the fact that the teacher is suitable to you personally and helps you to build your body is not a reason in order to show your feelings to the teacher during practice and emphasize how you are a devoted student and a great friend. Yes, sometimes unbearably want to stand out and show everyone that you are not the first (and second) day on the Mat and know that teachers on the covers of fashion magazines, but the lesson of yoga – this is not the case. Come to yoga to work on your internal state and your body.

9. Don't be afraid of a large number of people on one lesson.It often happens that well-known and popular teacher built up a huge queue. In the end, you may get a solid lesson where the distance between mats – no more finger. Accept it. In life often there are situations when closely when a lot of people and when you strangers. A large number of people who do one thing – not bad. Take it as part of a life lesson, try to tune into the overall energy of the class.

10. Not posing in front of others.It is not excluded that next to you on the rug will be the nice guy or nice girl. You are a beginner, but to show what you can do in your flexibility and endurance you will want. Carefully and tenderly treat your elbows and knees – there is no instant pain, and feel the pain you will have after practice when the body cools down. Do only what you are ready. And do not twist the neck in the rack on his shoulders, trying to compare whose birch straighter. There is a risk of overdoing it and breaking my neck.

11. Bring your Mat

Your own Mat is more hygienic than even clean, but the Studio carpet. Ideally you want to have multiple rugs: one, a lighter one for travel, another for Studio or home practice. Don't forget that doing better on rugs made from natural materials and those that do not slip, for example, JadeYoga: during class you will often be close face to the carpet, and your skin is constantly in contact with the yoga Mat. And slide the heels or palms on the Mat and even traumatic. So, going into the Studio, if possible, bring mats with them, in some places you can leave them in storage.published

Author: Max Kushner

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