A day in the life of a priest (62 photos)

Clerics spoke about the village of Tiksi and the service in the church.
Let's see how these people live, their life is very different from the lives of today's youth.

Morning. Service is at 6:45

The cell wall is an icon that gave me once one person. With a man so we quarreled and do not communicate, and that's the icon, left.

In the hallway hangs a bell)) from the time when the apartment was the home church of

Start the morning of the eighth. You have to go in the oven to melt our temporary temple. Liturgy at 10. On the street still dark and the growing moon shines bright.

The temperature of the beam in the street. per night chilled. Stove flares slowly.

While a burned firewood tab, you can go home. To the east is already lighter.

There is an hour or so to prepare for the service, check the mail and see the weather forecast))

By nine in the morning the sun is already shining in full right of the window

Came Sergei Petrovich, our student intern. Today he will help us in the service. And, oh. Vladimir and Victor - the second trainee, sleep off after taymylyrskoy expedition. By the way, when I sat in the car, then he dropped the gauntlet same one dog trying to pull off. This time lost - permanently))

Go not to go) at Tiksi all close

Firefighters do not sleep!

Sergey lights oil lamps ...

... And prepares the reader.

I'm starting to proskomedia

There are first the parishioners

In the liturgy especially not removed, but there are two frames of which it is clear that women in the church are on the left ...

... Well, men - on the right)))

Electricity in the temple not - use rechargeable flashlights and candles. Here, on the reading of the Gospel candle in hand because it is not required by the statute, and quite functional - that it was clear the text

After the readings - preaching

Communion. Since there is no iconostasis, we read together the prayer before Communion, the priest during communion of people singing "Take the Body of Christ .." and immediately committed communion of the laity. When the icon screen, of course - this practice will change in the generally accepted clergy will partake separately, behind closed doors.

After the service, when everyone had gone, came a few people with their different questions. They shoot it would be incorrect. And in the photo - Psalms in Yakut. As it is sometimes read psalms on the clock.

The service is over. Need to buy bearings for all-terrain vehicle, bread and butter and you can go to the garrison Tiksi-3, our missionaries who came to ask about the trip - we talk to has not yet succeeded. In the photo - just kind of our job site. Temple will stand to the left of the beam.

Parts Store "Buran". Too heated stove)


Go to the "sailors". "Sailor" - almost all)), there is a hotel, court, museum, bar and shops. even the polling station - there too.

There are, very handy, MP and local businessman, who promised us ... well, a lot of things. He complains about the drunks workers, and again - promises that's up to 15 March all certainly will. Actually - it is a good man)) so that we photographed together and agree on a meeting. I think that this time he promises to fulfill.

And bearing in this shop is not (

There is now no need to ...

The output taymylyrskih meet guys familiar from last year's trip. These Tiksi on the draft board. Invites to tea

We go to the store for bread and butter. In turn I meet the director of the local vocational schools, agree to continue the meetings with the students - in the first semester, we signed an agreement on cooperation and has conducted a number of interviews.

In the store we meet again taymylyrskuyu Tale, a very small village of Tiksi. I buy them in lollipop and didactically saying it's them instead of beer. Overage kids laugh)) pictured with various goodies nepostnye counter

All we bought and go to the garrison of Tiksi-3. The most convenient way to go on the ice across the bay. On the way to bring up the familiar man named Kesko - the bus does not go, and to walk several kilometers in the cold somehow not very ...

The seaport of Tiksi. View from the sea)) because it is seen to navigate ships

On the street calm. Smoke from the boiler and diesel station hangs over the village. It happens not often. One is accustomed to blizzards than frost and sun

People enjoy the weather and the fish seem far around - the bait. It is not clear - how? Ice thickness of two meters and a half))

The building is in a chess cell - one of the airfield facilities, standing on the shore of the bay.

Showing the house garrison

It looks like the airport from the village. Photos in the era gugl.meps, I think - not a secret

Thank Arctic aviators

The wall opposite the school: graffiti graduates

Such houses, after 90 in the village a lot

Here, we drive past the church. In the evening there will be a service.

This entrance - an apartment of our interns. Next building - barracks. The temple, it was right. Tiksi-3 - a very small village)))

Sergey shopping and my portfolio

Fathers and brothers, missionaries had just woken up. They say - very good sleep on the bed, not in sleeping bags. But for the presence of toilets at hand, and the hot water is not quite accustomed to)

story showing photos and videos

At the same time, and dinner. Yesterday the guys Quick pickled few tails brought omulka. Released wonderful malosolka. She and trapeznichat)) About dish is Yakut knife.

After the meal - a traditional brew puer

about. Vladimir reads aloud a report on the expedition, as I lay on the couch

I honestly - did not sleep and thought about various pressing matters. But something very suddenly appeared near the sofa on. Vladimir in cassock and cross, and said he had to call the service.

At six in the evening still light vengeance

The Spassky church heat - electric boiler. Parishioners remove outer garments in the vestibule. The people were few. Although the next day, on Sunday liturgy were about 20 children, for us is almost the norm.

Sunday Gospel. It reads in Russian. Light candles do not need.

The altar

After the service, about an hour talking with the officers, pilots.

I spend the night in the barracks today. Evening news channel Vesti 24

For dinner, - the remains of cisco and mushrooms. Strictly speaking, this is all that is out of food, so much and choose not anything else))

Zenit-CSKA (I did not finish, - went to bed after the first half on a 1: 1)

A cup of Puer

Evening book

That's all) time - cross the forehead and go to sleep

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