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The progenitors of modern special forces commando unit is considered to be started in the west during the Second World War, as well as divisions of our scouts saboteurs front-line submission, scouts, divers, at the disposal of the fleets and intelligence units, is run by the NKVD.
It was during this period there were a means of delivery groups in deep behind enemy lines for reconnaissance and sabotage, as well as means of communication, allowing headquarters promptly receive intelligence information from them, as well as manage their work. The creation of and development of special operations forces in the form in which we are used to this concept, refers to the beginning of the fifties.

In connection with the war in Korea, the Americans recreate fifteen mouth "Rangers" and GRU Soviet Union deploys in the armies of forty-six individual companies, special purpose. Their main task - the fight against mobile means of nuclear attack NATO. Within a decade, there is a rapid development of the Special Operations Forces. By the early sixties, almost all, any significant, the armies of the world there are units designed for specific tasks. And although in 1974 in the USSR, where the threat of terrorism was extremely small, visionary Yuri Andropov creates division "A" - whose main task becomes the fight against terrorism. In 1981, in the KGB of the USSR to create another special squad - "Vympel". His task is not the fight against terrorism, reconnaissance and special events for the benefit of foreign intelligence.

First author of "How to use in combat units and special forces" was Paul Agafonovich Golitsyn - former head of intelligence Partisan Brigade "Chekist" operating in Belarus.
Depending on the departmental affiliation, Special Forces are designed to accomplish the following tasks:
Intelligence, sabotage.
Counterintelligence activities antidiversionnaya.
The anti-terrorist activities.
Search, seizure (seizure) or destruction of the terrorists' actions.
Release of the hostages.
Ensuring public safety.
Protection of critical persons or objects of special importance.

Special Forces were actively involved in the war in Afghanistan, the Chechen campaign in Dagestan events.

In Russia, there are several special units:
604 Special Operations Center Russian Interior Ministry troops
Alpha (Special Forces)
Knight (Special Forces)
Pennant (Special Forces)
Vyatich (Special Forces)
Kuzbass (Special Forces)
Relight (Special Forces)
Rosich (Special Forces)
Russia (Special Forces)
Lynx (Special Forces)
Saturn (Special Forces)
Sigma (Special Forces)
Typhoon (Special Forces)
Mechel (Special Forces)
Edelweiss (Special Forces)

In bolshistvo - similar tasks - to provide anti-terrorist security, hostage rescue, assist state security bodies.


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