24 team "Alpha", "Vympel" Spetsnaz GRU FDCS and other SWAT and "Knights".

I was driving out competition as a photographer. Spectators by not invited and are not permitted. Just press. Very comfortable, by the way. Sharishsya with a camera where like fotkat what you want. One caveat: as sfotkat shooting competition? I, at least, it never did, so I had to improvise on the spot.

24 team "Alpha", "Vympel" Spetsnaz GRU FDCS and other SWAT and "Knights". This is the list of participants.
Difficult upihat in one post all the pictures (more than 300), and, I repeat, never before did not shoot shooting competition. That shooter, target here. Bullet in flight is not sfotkat. In general, what really happened. I went and looked everywhere fotkal.

The first place you went, it was the task of "Escape from kuryatniika" (not kidding. So it is called). A sort of quest with shooting live ammunition.
Employee, handcuffed, should pull out of the box gun, insert the loaded magazine, and from a sitting position "shoot" the guard (target two feet in height).

19 photos + video.

Then, either take away the keys of the guard, or handcuffed, to equip shop submachine gun, and fill (from the waist - this is important), through the doorway, three more targets at a distance of 20 meters.

Well, what to say? It's only a movie hero from the belt beating without a miss. In fact, the employee gets to choose between few rounds in the magazine was bundled - will not get into all of the target, a lot - now lost. For every worked. Some ran recharged. "Alpha" - shot with Stechkin, without wasting time on opening handcuffs.

Second place on my visit was the job of "fire raid».
The team takes the firing line.


Raised the target at a distance of 100 - 300 meters. Arrows seek their eyes. The stopwatch is turned on the first shot. The task is to hit all the targets. The stopwatch is turned off on the report of the senior that all targets are destroyed.

In fact, in this particular team was left stunned by the target is not that they just have not found. I stood behind her employees to manage targets and monitor saw one remained. However, while he did not have benchmarks, even in the glass of the camera 300 mm is not immediately found.

Near rubezhёm fired, I was discovered by a wonderful tent. Why is it wonderful? Yes, because the inside ...



The event closed. And all this can be taken in hand. Touch, try on, etc. In general, delight and two hours of time. You all talk show ...
Brazenly joined the group what that of TV, I even had a chance to shoot an AK 12.

Alas. Photos of the process of my shooting is not. At that time, I had fastened a long lens. And ask someone to whom I already brazenly joined, stole shop that would fill his patrons for himself, to depart at 6 feet ... And the tent short.
The general feeling - great. With the usual "kalkshom" not comparable: virtually no recoil. Cutoff 2 cartridges. In the hands of a good lie. And, kind of like - easier. Although the latter do not claim to be the joys seemed. Nastiest sound at the time was a click, signifying the end of the cartridges in the store.
All in upset that the store just 30 rounds, I go further. Hiking, fotkayu more baton. Do not know the name, because the judge did not fit.

Shooting was conducted with a narrow field of fire (hole in the trunk tucked) and in motion foot. Naturally, a stopwatch (yellow box the guy behind the shooter).

Here, it is necessary to digress. In parallel with the competition, on one of the sites being tested is a modification of the "Bumblebee". People from the KB article and occasionally dragged shot. I do not know, kind of like "Bumblebee" in my understanding - flamethrower. Ie must be bursting and fire. So the fire was not. But was soooo "broads"! What jumped everything, even battered participants.

This is what I am? And the fact that I walked away into the bushes. And the most interesting place, this product, what would it bahnul! Well, that, instead of small needs, I just no longer the right - this stuff. This "broads", more and reminded me that I can istroii stuck on level ground. So here happened.

I podoschёl to the site, where a wire of "Fast and Furious". Again, no kidding. Apparently the organizers are fond of watching movies and cartoons.
Quest sleduyushy: from a moving car window, the employee must hit the target. Weapon - a choice: Pistol, or submachine gun. The stopwatch is activated at a time as the vehicle starts to move. Turned off - on the defeat of the last target.
Everything seems to be simple, but ... the approaching team "Alpha" that something was wrong with the machine. The team is, here it is worth. A machine for the event, they do not have. And then there came the command, but without a car. Tonight, thanks to whom I got here, looked at the UAZ and held: & quot; Lёёёёh ... & quot;
I understood everything. And, actually, why not. UAZ pofotkat, and their interest will not forget.

Overall ...


Naturally, their "selfish question," I have not forgotten. And ... just a section officer "Alpha» =)))
"A helmet look»


"A weapon hold»

"And me with STEM weapon sfotkat»

And so on. Then, with another team I finally emboldened. And strebyval charged trunk and the driver behind the wheel of UAZ, for what would have to go through the exercise. Passed. Shoot of "Glock". Love this special forces pistol. The result ... The result - lower than the average. But! Not last, and not even the penultimate. I shot out of the barrel a stranger, and combat training of the trunk many years ago, never count. More and more ... So pneumatics. "Handles remembers ...»

Before the road home, the car had to carefully inspect and clean the inside. For the policeman, who saw this think would well, so many questions.

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