The physical requirements and standards for special forces of the FSB (7 photos)

Not so easy to get into a special unit of special forces of the FSB, but it is possible. You must be
in excellent shape and the need to have a truly outstanding track record,
so that you could at least send the surrender standards ...

1. Pulling up - 25
2. push-ups - 90
3. Press (lying on your back, trunk flexion-extension) - 100
4. Running 100 m. - 12, 7
5. bench press (own weight, but not more than 100 kg) - 10 times
6. Cross 3000 m - 11.00 m
7. Dogfight. Sparring with the rules on free throws and painful reception - 3 battlefield 3 minutes.
8. Boost up with the change of the feet - 90

All exercises are done one after the other without interruption.

Look, there really supermen!


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