That should be able to Superman

Special Forces Special Forces to get into not just the FSB.
See what standards imposed and physical
requirements for the special forces of the FSB.
Must be physically fit and
outstanding track record, then you possibly
directed to surrender standards.

1. Pulling up - 25
2. pushups - 90
3. Press (lying on your back, trunk flexion-extension) - 100
4. Running 100 m. - 12, 7
5. bench press (own weight, but not more than 100 kg) - 10 times
6. Cross 3000 m - 11.00 m
7. Dogfight. Sparring with the rules on free throws and locks - 3 battlefield 3 min.
8. Boost up with the change of the feet - 90

I've already been pleased and puffed his chest.
Pull-ups? - Easily a hundred-pound bench press barbell - please,
press 100 times - yes, as a warm-up! Running - well, ok, 12 seconds mileage,
but 14 - no question. Here are jumping leg switch - did so, but because you can work out.
And I wanted famously tsyknut tooth and raise his eyebrow as saw last line.
No, there was not anything special. Not even a job or test, as well, a small condition.
But after reading it ...

All exercises are done one after the other without interruption.

Listen, there really supermen!


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